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MyUS is Open on Labor Day 2013

The USA celebrates Labor Day, a national holiday, on the first Monday in September. While many U.S. businesses, including our competitors, are closed on Labor Day, MyUS will be open for business. 
Though many of our couriers do not pick up on Labor Day, we will be preparing your packages for international shipment. We will also be accepting incoming packages, so your merchandise will arrive in your suite on a normal schedule. 
Even better, our top-rated Customer Service team will be working Labor Day to answer your questions and provide support via email. If you need to reach Customer Service on Monday, you can do so by emailing your account manager or by visiting our Contact Us page. 
Please note that many of our couriers do pick up packages on Labor Day, so there could be a slight delay in receiving your package if you submit your ship request between 30 August and 3 September. We will be preparing shipments on Labor Day, though, and will tender your packages to our couriers on Tuesday, 3 September. 
Because Labor Day is a national holiday, many USA retailers offer great holiday discounts! Why not take a moment now and shop some of these great sales or check out the latest sales on our deals page


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