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New Photos Let You Peek Inside Your Packages

We have introduced an exciting new feature that lets you peek inside your packages while they’re still in the USA.

Starting today, you can request standard photos of your merchandise or detailed, high-resolution images of your items right from your inbox.

New Advanced Photos So You Can View Purchases Before They Leave the USA

Now you can truly peek inside your packages while your items are still in your suite. With Advanced Photos, we will take up to 20 detailed, high-resolution images of items inside your packages for just $10. Advanced Photos are great for checking item quality, seeing the tags for clothing and getting a close-up view of your favorite items before they ever leave the USA. 

You can request Advanced Photos right from your Shipping Queue

Request Standard Photos on EVERY Package

If you just want to peek inside your package, but don’t need high-resolution Advanced Photos or pictures of specific items, you can request that we take a photo of every package as it arrives at your suite. When you select this option, you will get a photo of your opened package delivered straight to your inbox as soon as your package arrives in your suite

Requesting photos of every package is easy. Just visit “My Shipping Preferences” and select “Take Photos of Items at Login.”  For just $2 per package, we’ll automatically put a photo of each package you receive in your inbox--starting with your very next package!
When a photo is available for your package, you’ll see this camera icon; you can click it to see your photos.

Request Standard Photos on a SINGLE Package

If you receive a package and want to peek inside, but don’t need Advanced Photos and don’t want to purchase photos for every package you receive, you can request a standard photo for a single package. You will receive a photo of the package you select after it has arrived in your suite. 
To request a photo of a single package, just select the package and click “View Package Photos.” The photo of your package will instantly appear in your inbox for a small charge. 


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