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Your New Process for Incoming Packages!

We're excited to let you know about our new, streamlined incoming packages process, which makes shopping the US even easier. This new process is required, and gets your packages to your suite quickly and ready for shipment ASAP! 

There is a new tab in your MyUS online account where you will need to let us know all the details about any packages you are expecting to arrive at your MyUS suite. Doing so keeps us updated on your package location and contents, so upon arrival, it speeds through the login process on its way to your suite.

Just easily add info when you are expecting packages and share tracking information every time you shop!

How it Works 

Follow the steps below every time you shop online. Be sure the information includes individual items, prices, and your suite number.

  1. Make a purchase at an online store and ship it to your MyUS suite, then share that purchase info with us: Upload an image or screenshot of your order confirmation in the new Incoming Packages tab of your MyUS online account
  2. MyUS receives and processes this information, and it appears in your Incoming Packages tab.
  3. Once the store ships your package and provides you with tracking information, enter the tracking number in your Incoming Packages tab.
  4. Your package arrives at our warehouse and speeds through the login process on its way to your suite!   
  5. You use your membership as usual to submit a ship request and send your packages almost anywhere in the world!

Incoming Package Process Details 

Review the information below for more details on how to use this new process.

If you are sending purchase or order details, just upload a screenshot of the information to the Incoming Packages tab, and make sure the following details are included: 

  • Your Name and MyUS Suite
  • Order Date 
  • Order Number 
  • Seller/Store 
  • Product/Item Details (Name, Quantity, Price) 

Please Note: Some merchants, including, do not include item information in order confirmation emails. If this is the case, please upload a screenshot that shows items and prices. 

Examples of order confirmation from Amazon

If you are sending tracking information, simply add any tracking numbers directly to the Incoming Packages tab. If your order is sent in multiple packages, you can add multiple tracking numbers. 

Need help? 

Review our frequently asked questions for more information. 

Make sure to upload and share your order confirmation and tracking information with us starting today!

Ready to start shopping US stores and get products easier, faster and reliably, with MyUS?


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