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Poland's Hottest Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers of 2018

Love following the latest fashion and beauty trends? We've rounded up the top Polish fashion bloggers that are making a splash on social media, so you can get amazing fashion inspiration and beauty tips with just a click of the mouse.   

Don’t live in Poland? You’ll still be captivated, we promise!

Katarzyna Tusk 

Influencer Katarzyna Tusk wearing all white sitting on chair on the beach under white umbrella

Katarzyna Tusk documents her love of fashion and photography on her popular blog, Make Life Easier, and also in her book, Elementarz Stylu. She also has an active Instagram account with over 250k followers. 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram - and be sure to check out her blog!

Jessica Mercedes Kirschner

Influencer Jessica Mercedes Kirschner posing outside wood door building in patterned long sleeve dress

Jessica Mercedes Kirschner started writing her blog, jemerced, in 2010 at the age of 17 to document her style and she's been non-stop ever since. In addition to running her popular blog, she works as a personal stylist and has a column in KMag magazine.

Subscribe to her blog, and follow her on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Julia Kuczynska 

Influencer Julia Kuczynska wearing black blazer over floral slit skirt holding clear bag

Julia Kuczyńska is an actress but is most well known as the author of the fashion blog Maffashion. She has appeared on the cover of KMAG magazine and she's built a solid following on YouTube and Instagram.

Check out her blog, and be sure to follow her on FacebookInstagram, and YouTube

Kasia Szymkow 

Influencer Kasia Szymkow walking in crosswalk wearing long green blazer

Kasia Szymków is a travel & personal style blogger living in Warsaw, Poland. Her blog, Jestem Kasia, highlights her love of fashion and travel with beautiful photography.  

Catch her on her blog and follow her on InstagramYouTube, and Facebook

Tamara Gonzalez Perea 

Influencer Tamara Gonzalez Perea wearing strapless patterned formal dress and heels

Blogger, YouTuber and TV host Tamara Gonzalez Perea is the founder and creative director of Macademian Girl, a colorful and bold destination for fashion trends, beauty tips, lifestyle quizzes and more. 

Follow her on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook and check out her blog

Weronika Zalazinska 

Influencer weronika Zalazinska wearing white polka dot off the shoulder dress leaning against white wall

Social media personality Weronika Zalazinska gained popularity quickly on Instagram, sharing her modeling photos and videos, and documenting her daily life. She also has a large following on her vlog-centric YouTube channel.

Check her out her blog for a glimpse at her fashion-filled lifestyle, and follow her on YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook.


Influencer Raroika wearing striped pants in bathroom

Raroika is a Polish fashion blogger living in Italy. She loves to share her personal style on her blog and aims to be a source of fashion inspiration to others.

Check out her blog, and follow her on YouTube and Instagram.


Influencer Milena holding two lipsticks staring at them

A professional makeup artist in Sochaczew, Milena has a YouTube channel full of makeup tips and tutorials and creates cosmetics organizers for Anela.

Check out her YouTube tutorials and blog, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

Nieco Starsza 

Influencer Nieco Starsza sitting in coffee shop wearing platform sandals

While many fashion bloggers are in their 20's, Nieco Starsza is enjoying great success in her 40's with Slightly Older Girl, her blog about fashion, style, and a little bit of everything else! 

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here.


Influencer Matylda wearing floor length dress in front of a church

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Matylda describes her site as a "family blog" that gives her an outlet to share her interests in fashion, health, and wellness, along with her thoughts about parenting and raising a family.  

Check out her blog, and follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.

Karoline Grabowska

Influencer Karoline Grabowska wearing jean jacket and jeans leaning on white wall in nike shoes

Karoline Grabowska is a Polish blogger that runs her own fashion blog called Beaty and Fashion By Raabiosa. With a growing Instagram following and active blog, she's one to watch in 2018!

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook - and don’t forget to subscribe to her blog.

Darek Kozdras 

Influencer Darek Kozdras wearing black leather jacket and red plaid scarf with phone to his ear

Photographer and fashion blogger Darek Kozdraa created his blog Daro as an outlet for his photography and men's fashion inspirations. Darek has an active Instagram account with a growing social media following. 

Catch his blog here and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


Influencer Paula sitting on bench outside train station wearing gucci belt and gucci bag

Influencer Paula is the creator of Paulinee, a blog about fashion, beauty, and style. She takes her own photos and is active on Instagram with over 150k followers. 

Browse her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


Influencer Natalia wearing black floral dress in front of pool that overlooks tall city buildings

Blogger and social media maven Nataliia is the creator of the blog Fotografia. She uses it to share her love of travel, photography, and singing, and has a growing following on Instagram. Her gorgeous photographs are reason enough to check her out. 

Follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her blog here.

Doreen Pinto 

Influencer Doreen Pinto wearing black and yellow outfit on brick street

While Doreen Pinto works in finance, her hobby is blogging. She started her blog, Indian Girl In Poland, as an outlet to share with her friends and family about her life in Poland, and posts about once a week with photos taken by her very supportive boyfriend.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Gabriela Francuz 

Influencer Gabriela Francuz taking selfie in blue top and colorful earrings with fuzzy balls

A fan of all things unique and original, Gabriela Francuz founded her blog Streetfashion on an impulse. She now records her strolls around town with a keen eye and camera in tow. Check her out if you enjoy viewing the world from a fresh perspective.

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her blog.

Gabriela Grebska 

Influencer Gabriela Grebska laying in grass in front of pink flower garden

Gabriela Grebska is a lover of fashion, photography, horseback riding and traveling. Her blog gives her view on fashion and anything to do with style, including topics that cover everything from travel and cooking to beauty and shopping.

Check out her blog and follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Anna Karsten 

Influencer Anna Karsten holding big red balloon with eiffel tower behind her

Born in Poland, Anna Karsten is a true explorer of the world - an adventurous woman who loves to chronicle her travels, and personal style on her blog, Anna Everywhere

Follow her on Instagram, and check out her blog here.

Filip Hoinkis 

Influencer Filip Hoinkis wearing black puffy coat and plaid pants in the snowy street

Based in Katowice, Poland, Filip Hoinkis is an up-and-coming social media sensation, documenting his sharp street style on Instagram and Facebook. 

Join his growing group of followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Who are your favorite bloggers from Poland? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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