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Portugal's Hottest Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Ready to meet Portugal’s hottest bloggers? Check out the influencers that are inspiring fashion lovers around the world with their engaging personalities and unique style.   

Don’t live in Portugal? You’ll still be obsessed, we promise!

Ana Garcia Martins

Blogger Ana Garcia Martins laying on beach in the water in swimsuit

Ana Garcia Martins is a journalist, author, wife, mother, and the creative mind behind A Pipoca Mais Doce, a blog about everything from marriage and motherhood to fashion and beauty. Her blog and Instagram account are full of fashion, joy, and enthusiasm, a winning mix if you ask us!

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Sofia Castro Fernandes

Blogger Sofia Castro Fernandes portrait photo wearing colorful arrow necklace

Sofia Castro Fernandes is a blogger and the author of two self-help books, Decompress (11 verbs that will transform your life) and At 9 in My Book. She writes about hope, resilience, and finding the strength every day to never give up being happy. 

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Blogger Barbarita wearing black sequin dress inside decorated wall

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Barbara Ines, or Barbarita, is a life-long fashion lover that finds inspiration in everything. A design graduate that also studied fashion design, she shares her worldwide travels and views on fashion across her social media platforms.     

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Joana Vaz

Blogger Joana Vaz sitting at cafe outside wearing long brown cardigan holding espresso shot

Currently living in Algarve, Portugal, Joana Vaz started her blogging journey in 2013 with her blog Cookies And Trends. It was so well received that she decided to change the name to She posts almost daily about fashion, beauty, travel, fitness, decor, and just about anything that strikes her fancy. 

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Margarida and Cátia

Bloggers Margarida and Cátia wearing white tops standing back to back

Margarida and Cátia are two friends who took their common interests, fashion, beauty, and travel and turned them into the foundation of one of the most popular blogs in Portugal. They have collaborated with major global brands such as Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, L'Oréal, TRESEmmé, and Sephora, and created the Beauty Awards that celebrate the best beauty launches in the Portuguese market.

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Sara Cabido

Bloggers Sara Cabido wearing black backless dress and snakeskin crossbody bag at a market

Based in Lisbon, Sara Cabido is a graphic designer by profession, photographer by passion, and blogger by vocation. Her blog, Little Tiny Pieces, combines her many interests, focusing on the details of beauty, fashion, and design.

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Ines Manique

Blogger Ines Manique wearing matching snake skin print fanny pack and boots

Ines Manique has been documenting her life on her blog since 2012, expressing herself through fashion, lifestyle and my traveling and collaborating with well-known brands, including H&M, Missguided, Bershka, Pixi, and Urban Decay.

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Ana Gomes

Blogger Ana Gomes sitting at counter wearing jean jacket and red lipstick

After being pressured by friends and family, Ana Gomes created her blog, The Best Friend Of Barbie, and it now brings her immense pleasure to share her inspirations about lifestyle and fashion with the world. 

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Blogger Andreia wearing gold blouse and pants standing in lobby

Andreia is a user interface designer and lifestyle blogger. Her easy, laid-back style is well documented on her Instagram account, which has a growing following, making her a rising player on the Portuguese fashion scene.

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Carolina Correia Santos

Blogger Carolina Correia Santos walking on sandy beach holding colorful balloons

Carolina Correia Santos is a Portuguese architect, public speaker, and creative director. Her Instagram account, followed by over 64k daily, is an online diary of her travels, interests, and love of all things fashion. 

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Blogger Liliana wearing cheetah print scarf and brown cuorduroy button skirt

Liliana is a Portuguese YouTuber based in Porto. Her channel 'Lilimakes' is focused on makeup, hair care, and beauty, with everything from tutorials on Halloween makeup and favorite skincare products to hair transformations and nail extensions. 

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Who are your favorite bloggers from Portugal? 

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