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Enhance Your Smartphone Gaming Experience with GameKlip

Video games designed to run on your Android-powered smartphone have become better and better, but controlling these high-tech games on your phone’s touchscreen can interrupt game play and make the experience less enjoyable. With GameKlip, though, you can use your favorite PS3 controller to bring new life to your smartphone games.

Our friends at GizMag recently reviewed the GameKlip mobile game controller, and found that the device creates a much more enjoyable gaming experience.
The premise is simple: the GameKlip attaches directly to both your PS3 controller and your Android-powered smartphone, creating a sleek device perfect for gaming on the go.

To complete the pairing, the GameKlip relies on a special app that wirelessly connects the controller to your smartphone. If you do not want to install the app, or if you cannot use the app because of limitations on your phone, GameKlip also offers a wired version that works with popular smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Because every smartphone model is a little different, GameKlip also offers a variety of models designed specifically to fit your phone. The company keeps clips for popular smartphone models in stock all the time, but can very quickly create a new clip specially designed for your phone’s dimensions.

For more information and a demonstration of the GameKlip, please see the full review from our friends at GizMag.

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