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Reduced DHL Prices: Save More While Shipping!

2023 is the year of big changes and bigger savings for MyUS members. Shipping items to your doorstep will be more affordable. Members can rely on MyUS to offer competitive prices for shopping and shipping their favorite US products overseas. 

The savings have increased for you as we decrease shipping rates for members who use DHL as their preferred courier.

Shipping With DHL

DHL is one of the world’s leading logistics companies that send to over 220 countries and territories worldwide and is one of our certified partner couriers. With our new lowered rates for DHL, members can save money as they send their consolidated packages to their doorstep within 1-4 days - perfect for saving money and getting your items fast for any occasion.

Significant Savings In Select Regions

At this time, members in the following regions will notice substantially lowered prices when selecting DHL:

Canada: Save over 25%

Europe: Save over 25%

Japan: Save over 30%

Korea: Save over 30%

Maldives: Save over 30%

The Caribbean: Save over 25%

Middle East: Save over 37%

Africa: Save over 25%

Use our shipping rate calculator and see the savings for yourself!

DHL Shipping Perks

With DHL Express shipping, members can receive their shipments around the globe fast! Also, with a presence in over 220 countries and territories, DHL is a more reliable shipping option to almost any destination worldwide. 

DHL Express offers the fastest delivery speed for your packages compared to other shipping options like Budget Economy, UPS, or FedEx. Members who choose DHL Express often receive their package at their doorstep within 1-4 days after it leaves our MyUS warehouse. In addition, DHL provides online tracking and real-time updates on the status of your shipment so that you can stay informed every step of the way. 

As a customer-focused shipping option, members experience fast, secure, and convenient shipping to their international destination when using DHL Express.

Are You Ready To Shop & Ship With MyUS?

MyUS wants you to control your savings. So we give our members various shipping options and  MyUS TruePrice guaranteed pricing. Select as many packages as you’d like, and we’ll consolidate them all into one shipment, allowing maximum savings. 

Choose from various shipping couriers, discounted rates, and delivery times. We are experts at helping people get what they love from the US! You only need a membership to get your MyUS address and start shopping today!


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