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Schedule Your Shipping to Save Time and Add Convenience

Did you know that you can set up schedule shipping with MyUS to get your packages automatically consolidated and shipped? With scheduled shipping, you tell us when you would like to receive your packages, then we will automatically collect, consolidate and send your packages as often as you like!

When you log in to your Shipping Queue, you can select from a number of different shipping schedules. Here is what each of those choices means:

  • Hold – When you select “Hold,” we will hold packages in your suite until you submit a ship request. This method gives you the most control over when you receive your packages, but requires that you submit a ship request each time you want a shipment.
  • Weekly – When you select “Weekly,” we will consolidate all packages in your suite and send them to you once per week. This shipping process takes place automatically; you do not need to submit a ship request each time you want your packages!
  •  Bi-Weekly – This shipping frequency is very much like “Weekly,” but we will only consolidate and send your packages twice per month rather than every week. You may specify whether you want us to consolidate and send your packages during the first and third weeks of each month or during the second and fourth weeks.
  • Monthly – When you select this shipping frequency, we will consolidate and send your packages once per month.  You may specify during which week you would like us to send your packages.
  • Automatic – If you select this shipping frequency, we will automatically send your packages as soon as they arrive! This shipping frequency is the quickest way to automatically receive your packages, but note that this option does not allow for consolidation.

Remember, you can submit a manual ship request at any time, even if you have already configured scheduled shipping. By adding our free scheduled shipping to your MyUS account, you can be sure you get you get all of your packages conveniently and consistently delivered as easily as possible.

And with MyUS TruePrice, the price your quoted is the price you'll pay - there are no surprises like there can be with other international shipping service providers or reshippers. 

Have questions or want to use our MyUS Shopping extension to shop US stores online with one cart checkout? Our top-rated Customer Service department will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and we can assist you in adding FREE scheduled shipping to your account.


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