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Announcing the Winners of MyUS' #SeeMyWorld Photo Contest!

We were excited to see how many members sent us pictures of their world—thank you! The whole company delighted in seeing your photos. From our customer care representatives to packing specialists and executives, we had a great time seeing the world through your eyes!

We received 170 photo submissions and more than 1,500 votes! 

And now, without further ado, please meet the winners...

First Place Winner: Myriam T. from Martinique ($250 USD Gift Card)

A note from Myriam on the photo: "In the south of Martinique (a French island in the Caribbean), in my hometown of Diamant: "Morne Larcher" (Larcher Mountain) represents one of the highest attractions with the Diamond Rock (Rocher du Diamant). It represents the most important part of the famous "lying woman" since it draws the face and body of a woman. The top of the mountain highlights the chin of this famous woman, her chest and her folded legs heading to the sea. With its 477 meters, Morne Larcher is an inactive volcano that dominates the diamond. Sports lovers appreciate this magnificent hiking, count 2 to 3 hours."

Runner Up: Musiru M. from the Maldives ($50 USD Gift Card)

A note from Musiru in the Maldives: "My world is in a thousand little islands scattered around in the Indian Ocean. 26 atolls made up with little chained islands that have the most beautiful white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and an extensive reef which is home for the most breathtaking fishes. It justifies the title 'Paradise on Earth'."

View All The Amazing Photos from Our Members Around the World

We're so lucky to have such wonderful members from all over the globe.

We received photos from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Nigeria, Guatemala, Israel, South Africa, Italy, the Philippines, Botswana, the United Arab EmiratesFinland, Tahiti and tons of other amazing places.

Thank you for sharing your world with us. What a beautiful world we live in!

Here's just a small sample of the photo submissions we received. To check out all the pictures, visit Facebook and click on the "Gallery".

Submitted by Mohammed A. J. (Iraq): "Not like what the most of people think about us, we do have a great life here and we living it to the fullest. you gotta come to see my country and you are invited to our unique fish dish "Masgouf". this is me, my friends and this is my world..... Cheers, Mohammed Ahmed Jasim. Baghdad, Iraq."

Submitted by Ron R. (Republic of the Philippines)

Submitted by ساكورا ا. (Saudi Arabia): "Saudi Arabia one of the oldest countries in the Middle East, filled with an interesting history and never lost its originality even after all these years."

Submitted by Adam M. (Guatemala): "Volcán de Agua Antigua Guatemala."

Submitted by Calvin T. (Botswana): "Botswana, where people and wildlife live in harmony..."

Submitted by Jaana R. (Finland): "Finland is well known about nightless nights in the mid summer. We call it midsummer fest, Juhannus. It's typical that people rent cabins or go to their summer cottages to bath in sauna, swim in the lake and light bon fires to celebrate summer. This photo is taken in midsummer fest 11.15PM, the sun is still up, and the lake is calm. This is definitely the best time in Finland!"

Submitted by Shivas I. (Italy): "Italy: the magics of Venice."

Submitted by Obalowu T. (Nigeria): "The Nigerian egusi soup, prepared with MELON SEEDS WITH POUNDED YAM Is prepared by most tribes in Nigeria in many different ways. It is known as iyan gushi in hausa, ofe egusi in igbo and efo elegusi in yoruba."

Submitted by Abdo A. (Iraq)

Submitted by Sultan A. (United Arab Emirates): "Burj Khalefa - Dubai City - UAE The tallest building in the world."

 Submitted by Louani I. (Israel): "This pictures was taken in the Sedom mountain, next to the dead sea in Israel. My 2 daughters, my dad and me (riding my Arabian horse). We went for a walk in the desert with our pony"Keshet". I'm Swedish/French and currently live in Israel. Israel is a very small country but with a very big variation in the landscape. In the winter you ski in the north and swim in the south and it's only a few hundred km appart. You have forests, plains, mountains, 3 different desserts, 3 seas - the Red Sea, Dead Sea and Mediterranean, and the Nazareth lake."

Submitted by Cenab Resad M. (Azerbaijan)

Submitted by Shih-Chi W. (Taiwan): "Camp on high mountain in Taiwan"

Submitted by Agostinho T. (Angola): "Church built only with stones ... Angola - Cabinda"


Thanks again for everyone who submitted pictures! Check out all the beautiful images on Facebook by clicking on the "Gallery". We truly loved seeing your homes!



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