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Shipping Tip: Include Shopping Invoices/Receipts in Your Boxes

Looking to get your shipments as fast as possible from the United States? Get faster shipping by include merchant invoices with every purchase shipped. 

To comply with U.S. export regulations, MyUS must have the actual purchase price of the items we export. In many cases, we must also have the name and address of the seller.

When a package arrives with a merchant invoice that shows the price you paid, we will automatically enter these values, as well as the seller’s name and address, for you. Because it is not necessary for you to take any further action in most cases, the receipt can help you receive your purchases much more quickly.

If your package arrives without a merchant invoice, or if the invoice does not show the price you paid for your merchandise, we cannot export your packages until we receive this information. We may ask you to enter the price you paid from your Inbox, provide a copy of your payment receipt, or both.

You can help speed up processing of your packages, and have us automatically enter the information for you, by requesting that sellers include a merchant invoice with your package. For more information on requesting a merchant invoice, check out these shipping FAQs.

When you shop the USA with MyUS and receive packages with merchant invoices, you can receive your merchandise almost anywhere in the world in as little as two business days. Not shopping the USA with MyUS yet? Check out our membership options and join MyUS today.


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