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Shop Mens Accessories and Ship Overseas: Watches, Gloves and More

We love to share our favorite online shopping sites with you, and give you the tools to find some interesting and exciting U.S. products no matter where you live. Men love accessories, whether they be nice gloves or a unique watch, and we can point you to a few websites that will help you find the perfect accessory for yourself or to give as a gift.

When you’re shopping for accessories for men, here are a few sites that offer unique, interesting and affordable items (don't forget you can estimate how much it will cost to ship to your country by using our global shipping calculator):
·         Red Envelope: Red Envelope offers unique and personalized gifts, and they have a very large selection of men’s accessories. With everything from a wooden watch—and a leather watch case where you can store it—to Star Wars-themed cufflinks, Red Envelope can help you find the perfect accessory for any man.
·         Overstock: Renowned for its low prices and wide selection, is a great resource for finding men’s accessories. Overstock offers hats, gloves, wallets and much more, but the selection changes frequently so be sure to check their site often!
·         Sundance Catalog: Gifts for the manly man! This site offers men’s accessories that any man would be proud to own. You can find manly accessories like leather belts, work gloves, aviator sunglasses and road-tested duffel bags available alongside men’s scarves, beanies and striped socks.
·         Kohl’s: One of the most popular clothing department stores in the U.S., Kohl’s offers an array of accessories for men. Whether you’re shopping for belts, gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses, ties, wallets, suspenders or almost anything else, you can find it at Kohl’s.
·         Filson: This outfitter carries a large number of men’s accessories, and they’re all made in the United States. Popular Filson products include watches, wallets, money clips, scarves, belts, suspenders and caps, but you can also find American-made accessories like vests, long johns and even chaps!
·         eBags: This site is known for its luggage and backpacks, but it is also a great resource for men’s briefcases, laptop bags and attaches.
No matter what type of accessory you want to find, it is available from our favorite American retailers. Be sure to also checkout our US Deals & Coupons section for the latest sales. 


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