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Buying from U.S. Websites vs Buying in the Philippines - Which is Better?

Want to buy iPhones, makeup, clothes, designer bags, shoes, toys, computers, electronics and more? Spend less when you shop U.S. websites direct versus buying them in the Philippines (it's cheaper even after you factor in US to Philippines shipping charges)! 

Infographic comparing prices of shopping online in Philippines or the USA

So Who Has the Best Prices? Answer: It's Way Cheaper to Shop US Stores (even when you add in shipping costs).

The Proof is in the Prices (Save up to 90%!!):

Makeup from the USA

Get Your Favorite Designer and Brand-Name Clothing for Less

Cheap, High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Save on Computers/Laptops, Phones, Video Game Consoles When You Buy from the United States

Save on Shoes and Handbags When You Shop U.S. Stores Online

Save on Kids Toys and Baby Goods When You Buy Direct from U.S. Websites

Shop Different Stores, Ship Home All in One Box & Save with MyUS

If you were to ship three parcels individually direct from US websites to the Philippines, the cost is expensive. But with MyUS, we consolidate your purchases into one box, which can save you a lot. Example:

  • Tote Bag (2 pounds) = US$42 to ship alone
  • iPhone (1 pound) = US$37 to ship alone
  • Shoes (1 pound) = US$37 to ship alone

BUT, if you let MyUS ship them, we'll consolidate these purchases into one box, and the whole shipment will only cost US$51 to ship from the USA to the Philippines! (Save 56% on international shipping!)

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