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Should You Buy the Microsoft Surface? MyUS Review

Microsoft’s new Surface is hitting the tablet computer scene in a big way, and early adopters are already using it to replace their desktops and laptops.

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The Microsoft Surface RT includes a 10.6 inch display, making it slightly larger than the Apple iPad and much larger than the Google Nexus 7. The display uses a standard 16:9 aspect ratio, and the ability to easily connect the Surface to a monitor or TV makes it an excellent way to stream movies or videos.

The Surface’s display is capable of recognizing multitouch input, but a nearly full-sized keyboard embedded into the magnetic, detachable cover allows for more convenient and familiar data entry. The surface disables the keyboard when folded onto the back of the tablet, so there is no need to worry about accidental keyboard input when using the Surface as a tablet.

Audio enthusiasts will be happy with the stereo speakers on the Surface, and a headphone port allows for more immersive enjoyment of movies, music and other audio. Dual microphones on the Surface also make it an excellent device for podcasting and recording audio. Even better, the Surface supports USB microphones for even clearer audio input and less noise.

For video input, the Surface sports two 720p HD cameras: one on the front and one on the back. Though these cameras are suitable for taking still photos, they really excel as video chat cameras and webcams.

Microsoft’s RT operating system supports many intuitive gestures, including the ability to close an app by swiping from top to bottom. Since RT supports multitasking on the Surface, swiping from left to right scrolls through open and running applications.

The Surface starts at $499 for the 32 GB tablet itself or $599 for the 32 GB tablet and cover. A 64 GB tablet with cover is available for $699. The Surface is available in black, but covers are available in black, white, blue, magenta and red.

For more information, and to order, please visit the Surface page on the Microsoft Store website. 


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