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Singapore: Save Money By Shopping US Websites for Sales (Here's How)

Singapore shoppers: Did you know you can find cheaper prices online versus buying the same products in Singapore (even when you factor in shipping charges)?! 

Save A LOT When You Shop US Stores Online 

Save When You Buy Makeup from the USA

Makeup is usually a lot cheaper in the US. You can save 35-80% when you buy from US websites. For example, let's look at CoverGirl and Urban Decay.

Save on Clothing When You Shop American Websites

Clothing (especially designer clothing) is also often a lot cheaper in the US. You can save 27-67% when you buy from US websites:

Save When You Buy Vitamins and Supplements Online from America

Shop or and save 46-80%:

Save on Video Games and Consoles When You Buy from the United States

Get an Xbox One or PS4 and games from the USA and save 16-44%:

Save on Purses and Bags When You Shop US Stores Online

Get designer hand bags and purses from the US and save 40-60% (and avoid cheap knockoffs!):

Save on Cell Phones from America

Get an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone from the US and save 21-30%:

Save Big When You Ship Your Online Purchases from the US to Singapore by Consolidating Your Parcels:

If you were to ship three parcels individually direct from US websites to Singapore the cost is much more expensive (US$116). But with MyUS, we consolidate your purchases into one efficiently packed box, which can save you a ton on international shipping. (Those three same items bundled are just US$51 with MyUS -- a savings of US$65.) This service is absolutely free!

Get More For Less Money

Currency Conversion: Singapore = $1.35 to US = $1.00. Your dollar goes further in the USA!

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