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Singapore: Save Money By Shopping US Websites for Sales (Here's How)

Singapore shoppers: Did you know you can find cheaper prices online versus buying the same products in Singapore (even when you factor in shipping charges)?! 

Save A LOT When You Shop US Stores Online 

Infographic showing how Singapore shoppers can buy USA products cheaper at US online stores

Save When You Buy Makeup from the USA

Makeup is usually a lot cheaper in the US. You can save 35-80% when you buy from US websites. For example, let's look at CoverGirl and Urban Decay.

Save on Clothing When You Shop American Websites

Clothing (especially designer clothing) is also often a lot cheaper in the US. You can save 27-67% when you buy from US websites:

Save When You Buy Vitamins and Supplements Online from America

Shop or and save 46-80%:

Save on Video Games and Consoles When You Buy from the United States

Get an Xbox One or PS4 and games from the USA and save 16-44%:

Save on Purses and Bags When You Shop US Stores Online

Get designer hand bags and purses from the US and save 40-60% (and avoid cheap knockoffs!):

Save on Cell Phones from America

Get an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone from the US and save 21-30%:

Save Big When You Ship Your Online Purchases from the US to Singapore by Consolidating Your Parcels:

If you were to ship three parcels individually direct from US websites to Singapore the cost is much more expensive (US$116). But with MyUS, we consolidate your purchases into one efficiently packed box, which can save you a ton on international shipping. (Those three same items bundled are just US$51 with MyUS -- a savings of US$65.) This service is absolutely free!

Get More For Less Money

Currency Conversion: Singapore = $1.35 to US = $1.00. Your dollar goes further in the USA!

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