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Some of Our Favorites: Travel-Sized Products

Sample-sized and travel-sized products often offer all the benefits of a retail product, but at a significantly lower cost. If you don’t like buying big boxes of products only to have part of your purchase go unused, our friends at Minimus have the perfect solution: an entire website dedicated to sample-sized and travel-sized purchases.

Minimus offers a wide array of products, and they often receive questions from customers asking which products are the most unique and interesting. Here are a few of their picks that you might enjoy:

Waliwa Piudali Amazonian Lip Balm

Limited supply Andean Nogal nut contains all-natural lip balm from Amazon fruit butters. No artificial fragrances, colors or animal fats.

Celly Smellys® Cleaning Wipe - Berry Scent

15 travel size pre-moistened cleaning wipes for personal electronics in re-sealable zipper package. LCD screen safe.

Poo-Pourri Odor Eliminator - Original Scent

2-ounce travel-size odor eliminator in pump spray. Non-toxic, biodegradable. This Before-You-Go blend of Natural Essential Oils creates a barrier to embarrassing bathroom odor. Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know.

Mini Roll Duct Tape (2 roll pack)

2 travel size rolls of duct tape. Size: 2 in x 100 in.

See more great travel-sized products, and all of the top unique and interesting buys at Minimus. Want even more sample-sized and travel-sized products? Shop Minimus online now! Just be sure to use your MyUS address at checkout so we can ship your minified goods to your country.


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