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Summer Sales Coming Soon in the United States!

With summer in the US quickly approaching, our international shoppers will have plenty of USA sales to take advantage!

Whether you live in the southern hemisphere (we're looking at you Australia, Argentina, Mozambique and Botswana, among many other countries) and want to scoop up great savings for next season or in the northern hemisphere (shout out to our friends in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Canada and other Northern friends) and want to make way for new items, this is a great time to do so. This month we have Memorial Day weekend sales beginning on May 24, Father's Day sales beginning around June 15 and Fourth of July sales rounding out the summer.

So, what can you expect to find on sale? Here's a planning guide so you'll know the best items to shop for this summer! Most retailers offer their sales on certain items at the same time each year, so planning accordingly will help save you in the long run. Here is your upcoming calendar guide for the summer:

May Sales

o Cookware and Kitchen Accessories
o Electronics
o Party Supplies
o Vacuum Cleaners


June Deals

o Hardware Tools
o Check large retailers for Father's Day sales - offering men's accessories, clothing and sporting goods on sale

July Discounts

o Furniture
o Men's Suits
o Check large retailers for Fourth of July sales - offering general merchandise on sales

August Sales in US

o Computers
o MP3 Players
o Swimwear

US stores will display the price in USD, so be sure to use our exchange rate calculator to know exactly how much these items will cost in your country's currency


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