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Support These Wonderful Women-Owned Brands

International Women's Day is a momentous occasion that not only discusses equality, but also celebrates the hard work and achievements of women all around the world. Throughout history, women have overcome obstacles and shown remarkable qualities to inspire, empower, and lead. This is a great time to take a look at the businesses you shop from regularly and consider adding a few women-owned brands to support!

Below are just a few of the many businesses created and lead by amazing women, with such a variety that you could outfit almost every part of your life with only women-lead businesses! Check out the haircare, bedspreads, clothing, jewelry, and more brought to you by women, and ship them worldwide—fast!—and US-sales-tax-free with MyUS.


SwirlyCurly founder Keziah Dhamma wearing a yellow dress, sitting on a purple leather chair, and resting her arm on a wooden table

Have difficulty keeping your hair under control? Keziah Dhamma created SwirlyCurly to promote quality hair products for women with naturally curly hair. If you are tired of hair ties being uncomfortable or damaging your hair, Swirly Curly is the #1 Premium Hair Accessory Brand for Curly Naturals.

Snappee™ Hair Ties $19.99

A pack of five adjustable SwirlyCurly Snappee Hair Ties sporting the Snappee logo in pink packaging

Make your natural hair life easier with this pack of Snappee Hair Ties. Unlike other hair tie brands, SwirlyCurly improves the design with a snap on/ snap off feature and soft elastics that keep its hold for any occasion from dancing to sports. Use them for high and low puffs, buns, stretching your curls and much more!

“I have been using these bands for over two years now. They are very durable and versatile. I’m ordering some for my family as we speak!” says Brenda D. 

Forvr Mood 

Forvr Mood founder Jackie Aina with blonder curls wearing a green top and a bedazzled blue and gold skirt in front of a stone and grey wood background

From the US Army to beauty content creator, Jackie Aina has done it all! After serving, she dedicated herself to promote the perfect lifestyle at home with Forvr Mood. From candle gift sets to pillowcases and headbands, her brand is the right place for luxurious scents, fragrances, and fabrics that create the perfect setting for your living space. 

Pure Silk Pillowcase $49

A Pink Forvr Mood Pure Pink Pillowcase

Made with the finest long fibre mulberry silk, this Pure Silk Pillowcase will make sleeping a pleasure. It prevents pillow creases on your face and bad hair days. The envelope closure also keeps your pillow tucked in and the edges safe from snagging. 

“An absolute need. I first bought it because everyone says that a silk pillowcase helps to protect your hair. Since I used it, I see A huge difference on my face. I am able now to go to work without makeup.” FD says.


Sarah Kauss with various S'well water bottles in various sizes sporting red, pink, blue, orange, yellow, white, purple, brown, and green colors in front of a floral print wall with a S'well neon light sign

For over ten years, Sarah Kauss created S’well to show people that saving the environment can be cool. Her brand’s mission is to eliminate plastic pollution with her own line of reusable, sustainable, and stylish bottles. They provide a fun way to reduce plastic bottles in your daily life and use less resources. S’well also has eco-friendly bowls, containers, straws, and barware for all your food and drink needs.

Azurite Marble Bottle $35

A S’well 17 oz. Azurite Marble Bottle with a silver twist off cap

With triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction and food grade stainless steel, this S’well Water Bottle is the go-to bottle for adventurers and commuters alike. There are so many beautiful designs and color options to choose from! Don't forget the size options. You easily can around a small 9 oz. bottle and toss it into your bag, or utilize the voluminous 25 oz. bottle for thirstier times like at the gym. 

“Love the colour, love the design and that it’s sleek and lightweight, love the fact I could customise it!” Deanna M states in her online review.

Casa Muza

Casa Muza founder Polet Guzmán modeling a aqua, light blue, and pink strapless dress while standing in sunlight

Whether you want to dress up or dress down, Polet Guzmán promotes a line of vintage pieces in modern styles for your collection with Casa Muza. Her signature bohemian and nomadic-inspired wearable art promotes a fearless attitude and style for women on the go. Inspired by powerful, strong women, Casa Muza aims to make women feel confident through what they wear.

Retorno Button Down Maxi Dress $149

A women with blonde hair modelling a light blue Retorno Button Down Maxi Dress with white pumps

Whether you’re going out on a sunny day or dressing up for an evening out, put on this Retorno Maxi Dress from Casa Muza. Choose from four distinct colors that match your personal preference. If you need a quick outfit, this button down dress is the most versatile garment in any women’s wardrobe.

Lavish Life Brand

Lavish Life Brand New York founder Ruby Asabor wearing a sparkly pink shirt and sitting in front of white flowers, makeup bag with brushes, and a green houseplant

When she began her college career, Ruby Asabor had difficulty finding the perfect planner for that organized and handled all her schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Since she couldn't find one, she, with the help of students who shared the same issue, created her own line of high quality planners under the name, Lavish Life Brand. Her line of luxurious and practical planners helped students, content creators, entrepreneurs and more achieve their goals and dreams one page at a time. 

Limited Edition Pink Planner $45

A pink limited edition Lavish life Brand 2020-2021 Academic Planner that sports the words “Lavish Life”, “Academic Planner”, and “August 2020 to July 2021”

Keep up with all your classes, work schedule, and important dates with this Limited Edition Pink Planner. It has enough pages to organize everything for the whole school year. If you ever feel down or overwhelmed, take some time to reflect in your notes or read a couple of motivational phrases throughout to lift your spirits. 

“I love this planner. It is super detailed and super helpful with keeping me on track from schoolwork to personal goals and achievements definitely a great purchase. I would love to see Ruby create a personal journal next!” Kaliah W. states.

Sarah Flint

Sarah Flint wearing a dark green dress standing in a design studio with various pinned photographs, fabric pieces, and multicolor artwork in the background

Sarah Flint brings us snazzy footwear that combines trendy and gorgeous shapes with soft and luxurious materials made in Italy. With styles from high heels and pumps to flats and house shoes, Sarah Flint believes in design that inspires, quality and style that endures, and comfort that keeps you moving.

Ellie x Gravati Ankle Boot $525

A black Ellie x Gravati Almond Toe Ankle Boot with elastic gore inserts

Pair these Ellie x Gravati Ankle Boots with your favorite pair of jeans, dresses, skirts, leggings, and more! With elastic gore inserts and a Vibram rubber forepart, you’ll slide into these boots with ease and have a comfortable walking experience all year-round. 

“I put these on & the fit was perfect..They needed no transition time & my feet felt the comfort immediately.. Having such a fun.. stylish boot with comfort is a win!” Lynne C. comments.

Taliah Waajid 

Taliah Waajid wearing a pink dress and sitting on a pink plush and wooden chair with her brand logo on the top left corner and a selection of her hair products

No one likes itchy scalps, dandruff, or just bad hair in general. Taliah Waajid aims to moisturize, refresh, and protect your scalp and hair with their line of creams, conditioners, and oils. The products also specially cater to Black hair styles such as curls, waves, braids, and locs. 

Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Apple Seed Oil $9.99

A 4 oz. bottle of Taliah Waajid Green Apple & Aloe Nutrition Apple Seed Oil (U076)

This Green Apple & Aloe Oil strengthens and moisturizes while remaining gentle on hair. As the oil fortifies the scalp and hair with vitamins, fibers, and proteins, it eliminates dryness and provides a long-lasting cover. 

“I’m addicted to this Oil!!! It smells just like green apples. My scalp feels amazing after applying. No more dry scalp!!” Ivy B. comments.


Ariel Kaye sitting on a tan and white sofa with a blue futon covered in Parachute pillowcases and linens

Parachute focuses on high quality, affordable, and easy-to-shop home goods with clean, modern aesthetic to bring your home the feeling of a luxurious resort, all while being Oeko-Tex certified! Their range of bedding and home décor, including bedsheets, pillows, throws, mattresses, and curtains, is a great for anyone just starting to shop for their home or those who want to add a nicer set of bed sheets for special occasions. 

Linen Duvet Cover $270

A folded up Parachute Linen Duvet Cover in clay

Upgrade your duvet with this Linen Duvet Cover. Crafted from the finest European flax and garment, this duvet cover feels just as good as it looks, with a perfectly lived-in feel right away.

“We had never had experience with linen bedding and now we will never go back to regular bedding. The look, feel and overall vibe is life-changing and feels so delicious! Thank you!” Jennifer S. states. 


Noura Sakkijha wearing a yellow top, sitting at a desk among notebooks, journals, and a pink mug in front of a red brick wall and a windowsill

Mejuri makes fine jewelry for every day, not just occasions. By moving away from traditional markups, handcrafted in both recycled and fairly mined materials, Mejuri was founded on the belief that making fine jewelry doesn’t have to come at the cost of our values, our communities, or our planet. Their line of jewelry supports the efforts to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow with a lens of diversity, equality, inclusion, and sustainability.

Monochrom Hoops $100

A pair of Mejuri Blue Monochrom Hoops with blue topaz stones and 18k gold

Looking for something extra glam? Try out these Monochrom Hoops, made of 18k gold vermeil and navy enamel, and set with a shining blue topaz gemstone. This monochromatic combo will enhance any look, simple or dressed up!

There are plenty of women-owned brands, so you can choose any of them to support on International Women's Day! Shop these brands with ease by letting MyUS handle your international shipping

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