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Tales from Customer Service: Delivering Smiles Thanks to Fake Fur

Editor’s note: this column is part of a series of true stories from MyUS Customer Service account managers.

My name is Shanna, and I am pleased to be a part of the Customer Service team at MyUS. There are many wonderful things about my job. I love communicating with people from all over the world! Every day, there is an opportunity to help someone. I am absolutely delighted that I am able to assist my amazing customers. There is never a dull moment in Customer Service. Each day is dynamic and interesting, with new questions to answer and situations to address.

If you are keen on fashion, you may know that animal prints are very popular for the Fall season. Many of our stylish customers are ordering clothing, shoes, and accessories with fun and funky animal prints. The variety of animal prints to choose from seems endless and ranges from cheetah to leopard, zebra to snake.

Recently, I had the chance to make one animal print aficionado’s shoe dream come true. This darling customer ordered a marvelous pair of boots from a popular designer. The boots were made of black leather and had a flat, short type of animal hair with a leopard print covering the counter (the upper part of the shoe above the heel – if you did not know what a counter was, you are not alone).
You may know that is prohibited from shipping certain types of exotic animal fur, hair, and skin due to international export regulations. These particular boots posed quite a challenge. The customer was not sure if the hair on the boots was real animal hair or an imitation, soI brought the boots to my desk for a closer look. I was not certain of the material after touching and visually inspecting the boots. Of course, we do not want to ship prohibited items, and I was not yet comfortable releasing the boots to ship.
Other companies may not go the extra step for their customers, but this is never the case at MyUS.  We believe in giving each customer the best possible service. Some package forwarding companies may have drawn the line and told the customer that the boots could not be shipped. If you ask me, this type of action is the antonym of Customer Service! I was determined to find an answer for my customer. It was the right thing to do. After making several calls, visiting multiple websites, and sending quite a few emails, I got a definitive answer from the shoe designer. The designer confirmed that the counter of the boots were covered with calf hair that was printed with a leopard pattern. The boots could most definitely be shipped to my customer!
After a brief, but excellently executed happy dance, I emailed the lovely lady to let her know that she would receive her boots very soon. She was ecstatic that she was able to receive her boots and also quite thankful that I took the time to help her. I know that her day ended with a smile (and possibly another happy dance).
Don't you just love it when a story has a happy ending?
We recommend that you contact your local customs office for definitive information on items that are prohibited for import to your particular country.

About Shanna:
Shanna has been a customer service account manager for six months and has worked in the Customer Service field for more than 14 years. In her spare time, Shanna enjoys traveling and is an avid reader.


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