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Essential & Effective: The Best Gardening Tools for Spring

Gardening is a popular activity, pastime, and hobby people enjoy during spring and summer. It helps gardeners of all skill levels spruce up their yards and plan what vegetation they want to grow. It’s rewarding, healthy, and entertaining work that keeps gardeners busy and active outside school and work.

People of all ages can enter the gardening world and learn an essential skill to teach future generations that want to keep in touch with their planet. To maintain a long-lasting garden, one must have the right tools for planting, pruning, digging, and tending to various plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, MyUS can help anyone find the perfect gardening tools that suit their needs! Here are a selection of items to start your spring gardening immediately.

NoCry Gardening Knee Pads

A pair of green NoCry Lightweight and Waterproof Gardening Knee Pads with black elastic bands

If you don’t want to stain your favorite trousers, jeans, and cargo pants while tending to your garden, grab a pair of these NoCry Gardening Knee Pads for a comfortable gardening process. These foam pads are easily adjustable with their flexible elastic neoprene straps, and the cushions offer soft but sturdy padding for prolonged periods of planting flowers into the soil. Unlike other knee pad models, these NoCry Knee Pads have an ergonomic shell design and hook’n’loop straps that keep them steady and secure.

Customer Review: “These knee pads were just what I was looking for. They were easy to put on and very comfortably functional in protecting my knees. They were also at a great price point. I recommend these to anyone who needs wrap around as opposed to slip ons.” - Gary B

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Grow Lights 

A set of dark grey BAEDAOD Team Grow Lights with flexible goosenecks and LED lights on top of a wooden base in the middle of a room full of green plants

For indoor house plant owners, these Grow Lights help maintain proper light exposure to strengthen their plants. The settings include white, red, and combination lighting spectra that promote growth, contribute to chlorophyll synthesis, and enhance photosynthesis throughout different plant growth stages. The flexible goosenecks make it easy to better adjust the lighting around plants around your home and widen the amount of lighting as an alternative to the lack of natural sunlight.

It is the perfect tool for beginner house plant parents who want to tend to their plants during busy schedules and unfavorable weather conditions.

Customer Review: “I bought this because I have a lot of indoor plants and it's hard to keep them outside when it gets cold but I can say while keeping my plants in a corner of the room not near natural sunlight these lights have worked great. I bought two since I have a whole shelf of the plants and my plants have been flourishing. Definitely recommend the product.” - Jacqueline.

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General Purpose Faux Leather Gloves 

Two profile shots of gray, teal, and black Firm Grip General Purpose Faux Leather Gloves

Gardening can be rough on hands and sensitive skin, so gardeners wear protective gloves while tending to their plants. These Firm Grip General Purpose Gloves feature high-performing reinforced construction, breathable mesh, and padded palms, making them the go-to for hand protection. The gloves are also compatible with touchscreens, which allows wearers to use phones without having to take the gloves off. Whether handling rose thorns or prickly weeds, you should grab a pair of Firm Grip General Purpose Gloves!

Customer Review: “If you are in need of a good quality yard/garden work glove, these are the gloves for you. The fabric thickness keeps hands warm and protected, even when pulling thorny weeds. But, the gloves also allow you to firmly grip garden tools or oversized weeds that need to be removed.” - GrandpaTome

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RelaxGrip Shower Head 

A hand holding a grey, black, and yellow Melnor RelaxGrip Shower Head hose attachment to water plants in an outdoor setting

Every garden flourishes with the perfect amount of soil, sunlight, and -most importantly- water. With this RelaxGrip Shower Head hose attachment, gardeners can distribute a wide spray to better water their flower beds and favorite plants without hassle. The stainless steel sieve prevents debris and hard water buildup as an effective and long-lasting hose attachment. Its handle minimizes stress on the hand, the thumb control requires less force to operate than other models, and the included adapter allows the shower head to connect easily with garden hoses.

Customer Review: “This is the 3rd one I'm purchasing. Comfortable in the hand, easy to grip, very easy to adjust flow with your thumb and the output is gentle and very adjustable. Actually, the best water wands I've used.” - UncledaveTX

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CobraHead Original Weeder Hand Tool 

One CobraHead Original Weeder and Cultivator Hand Tool with a curved tempered steel blade and a blue recycled plastic handle

No one likes weeds stealing sunlight and water from their cultivated plants, and what better way to remove them easily than this CobraHead Original Weeder Tool? This tool seamlessly digs under the roots of weeds for stress-free weed removal, and the tool’s recycled plastic handle is a statement of practicing sustainability and using eco-friendly products. There’s no need to get your hands dirty or pricked by stubborn weeds when you have this CobraHead product in your gardening kit!

Customer Review: “I use this weeder constantly in my gardens. It is essentially a weeder, but really has many other uses. I use it for prepping rows to plant seeds and for transplanting seedlings, too. This is one of my favorite tools. - Paul E. Doniger

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5-in-1 Planting Tool Sod Plugger

A blue-green ProPlugger 5-in-1 Planting Tool Sod Plugger with black handle grips, a sticker, and brass depth rings near the bottom of the tool

Take the stress out of planting with this 5-in-1 Sod Plugger by ProPlugger for your future gardening projects! It’s the perfect tool for setting up multiple rows for planting seeds, transporting lawn plugs, reseeding grass, placing bulbs, and removing weeds! This tool offers a more effective and efficient hands-on approach to gardening without compromising comfort and posture for extensive garden layouts. 

Customer Review: “Save the trial and error. This is the tool that makes planting a breeze. It’s sturdy and durable!” - Richard.

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Find The Right Gardening Tools with MyUS

A great garden requires time, dedication, good weather, and (most importantly) the right tools. Whether beginning a new gardening project or refining your current garden, you can access the necessary tools with MyUS. Become a member today to check out options from partner stores, pack them together in consolidated shipping, and deliver them straight to your doorstep in time for spring!

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