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The New Target Circle Membership

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Attention all MyUS members! Prepare to elevate your shopping journey with Target's revitalized Target Circle Membership program, officially launched on April 7th. The free membership provides amazing deals and perks, and other paid upgrades like Target Circle 360 and the Target Circle Card will give you even more ways to save.

Here’s a look at what each option will get you.

Target Circle Deals

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One big change to the program is how deals work. It will now apply discounts at checkout automatically, so there’s no longer the need to search for individual deals before shopping to add them to your account. Plus, Target Circle Bonuses are here to stay so that you can earn extra rewards and deals made just for you on all your favorites.

Other Target Circle perks include partner perks like free trials from Apple and the ability to link your Ulta account for even more rewards when shopping for Ulta products at Target. Shopping with Target Circle also earns you votes that you can use towards donations to local charities, and you get 5% off one purchase every year for your birthday.

All this for free!

Target Circle 360

purple graphic promoting Target Circle 360

This paid membership includes free same-day delivery in just one hour powered by Shipt from Target and other retailers and free 2-day shipping from—no Target Circle Card needed. This will cost $99 a year, but to celebrate the launch of the new program, it’s discounted to $49 from launch day until May 18th, 2024.

Target Circle Card

red graphic promoting Target Circle Card

The Target RedCard is becoming the Target Circle Card. It will still get you 5% off every purchase at Target, and the card options will be the same. You can choose from a credit card, a debit card that connects to your bank account, or a reloadable card (or all three!). The cards also get you free 2-day shipping from Target’s website and 30 extra days to return items. A new perk includes an exclusive price of $49 for a Target Circle 360 Membership for cardholders.

How To Create an Account

Creating an account is free and easy. Head to the Target Circle website to join with your email and start saving today. From there you’ll have the opportunity to get a Target Circle Card or sign up for Target Circle 360.

Target Circle + MyUS= Ultimate Savings

Use Target Circle combined with MyUS to save loads on anything from clothing to electronics. Don’t let the lack of international shipping options on Target’s website stop you. We’ll take care of it and send your purchases directly to your doorstep quickly and easily in consolidated packages. Happy shopping!


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