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TikTokers You Need to Follow

Whether you are looking for fresh content in your daily feed or you’re checking out TikTok for the first time and don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. 

From the United Kingdom to South Korea and everywhere in between, we’ve rounded up the top creators that are trending on TikTok right now, and they’re guaranteed to keep you entertained. 

Vivian Aronson

TikTok influencer and chef Vivian Aronson making pineapple and ham pizza

Don't think cooking videos are addictive? Then you haven't run into Vivian Aronson on social media yet! Best recognized for her cooking tutorial loops on TikTok (@cookingbomb), this Chinese food guru is a bundle of energy that you can't help but watch, and as a bonus, her recipes look delicious. From pancake cereal and Coca Cola chicken to hand pulled vegan noodles and homemade boba pearls for bubble tea, you'll LOVE having her pop up in your feed. You can also check out her videos on Instagram and YouTube.


TikTok influencer Liam giving a closing day speech at Woolies

Need a diversion from your day? Meet Liam, an Aussie lad working at Woolie's food market that loves picking up a microphone at closing time and entertaining his customers and now the world, with over 61K people following his TikTok account, @ashe_media. Along with his store videos he shares his antics at KFC drive-thru's and department stores, and hilarious lip syncs. You can also catch him on Instagram, but you'll find the bulk of his videos on TikTok.

The Alsayadi Family, Danika and Ahmed

TikTok influencers Danika and Ahmed arguing DaDa vs. BABA

What happens when a small town girl from Oregon, USA falls in love with a handsome guy from Saudi Arabia? Find out at @alsayadifamily, the couple's super-hot TikTok account where they share their life as an interracial couple. Follow them to watch as their cultures come together, clash, and mend with humor, love, and honesty. From communication challenges to figuring out what to make for tonight's ftoor, they will keep you laughing, guaranteed! You can also find extended videos on YouTube  and daily updates on Instagram.

Renee Farah

TikTok influencer Renee Farah showing off her everyday looks and dance moves

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Renee Farah is a popular TV presenter that focuses on beauty, fashion and travel, and clearly loves life and entertaining. Her popular Instagram account has over 1 million followers, and it's filled with snippets of her favorite looks and fun videos. Her TikTok, @reneeff, is also a hit, with over 3.2 million likes thanks to addictive everyday look loops, grocery store dance moves, and makeup videos.


TikTok influencer Eunji taking on a strawberry shortcake

Yes, watching people wolf down enormous amounts of food is a thing—especially on TikTok. If it's new to you don't knock it till you try it, starting with Eunji from South Korea. She posts eating videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok @eunji__717, showing her take on everything from gigantic plates of noodles and strawberry shortcake to throwing absolutely everything on a pizza and then digging in. With over 493k in TikTok followers, she's the foodie everyone can't help but watch. 

Sissy Cleo

TikTok influencer and fitness enthusiast Sissy Cleo demonstrating an ab workout

Even out all those cooking and eating videos in your social media feeds with energizing fitness snippets from one of the biggest names in the French fitness community, Sissy Cleo. Her TikTok, @lestissy, is filled with fast workouts set to catchy tunes that will make you want to get up off the couch and try her moves. Don't believe us? Try watching her Tootsie slide plank challenge without wanting to grab a partner and try it out! You can also find her on YouTube and Instagram, or check out the website she co-founded, TrainSweatEat. It has oodles of content, including recipes, weekly training moves, and Bikini with Sissy, her iconic Bikini-ready training sessions.  

Jay Brewer

TikTok influencer and reptile expert Jay Brewer spending time with a snake

Whether you love reptiles or they make you cringe, you need to check out Jay Brewer's TikTok account, @jayprehistoricpets. He's the owner and founder of Prehistoric Pets, a pet store chain in California, USA that deals exclusively with reptiles, amphibians, and all their needs. From educational videos, like watching a baby snake breaking out of an egg and meeting a prehensile-tailed porcupine to fun dance clips with reptiles, there's always something new and entertaining to watch. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel for in-depth videos of snakes, lizards, sloths, and much more. 

Georgie Halfacree

TikTok influencer and foodie Georgie Halfacree enjoying homemade pizza

Love finding new recipes and cooking hacks or need some inspiration to get back in the kitchen? TikTok star Georgie Halfacree has you covered. Based in London, she's down-to-earth, super sweet, and she shares all kind of recipes from pizzas on the BBQ to homemade marshmallows to hacks like how to make pasta without a machine and how to make butter from scratch. Give her a follow on TikTok and Instagram, and subscribe to her YouTube channel, you'll love seeing her and her recipes in your daily feed.

Who are your favorite TikTok influencers? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook or Instagram who should be added to the list.


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