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Total Beauty: The 12 Best Foundations

Editor's note: This post comes from our friends at Many members ship Total Beauty products overseas, so we thought you'd be interested in their latest products. Please click the link below to read the entire review.

Sometimes, when testing and reviewing face makeup, like foundations, it can feel like we're acting as referees in the ring of the WWF -- that's "Women Wear Foundation", of course. We have to make sure each match is a fair fight between the products. That each foundation being tested gets equal face time and is compared ounce-to-ounce and price-to-price. Why? Because the makeup you spend your hard-earned money on should put up a good fight and make you look flawless. That's why our editors put them face-to-face to see which ones were the clear winners beforeyou give any of them a go. 

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We have to admit, the competition between all of the relatively new foundations we tested got intense. Right when we thought one foundation would be a clear winner and make it on our list of faves, it turned cakey when applied after moisturizer (a below-the-belt blow). Or, one product that we thought to be an underdog, surprised everyone and came out on top by staying put all day long. Some threw combination punches, which in boxing means a series of jabs in a row, but in makeup it means a multi-tasker that does many things like prime and conceal at the same time. Some were just good ol' one hit wonders and worked like magic too. Bottom line: The 12 best foundations that made the list of our favorites had a lot to prove, and totally delivered. 

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