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Trick Or Treat! 14 Frightfully Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is such a fun holiday, but finding costumes kids and parents both agree on can be challenging. Start shopping for costumes now to give you and your child time to discuss ideas, find the perfect costume and have it delivered in plenty of time for Halloween. To get you started, we’ve selected our favorites of the season.

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14. Dr. Seuss Baby Blue Fish Bunting $30 

One fish, two fish, red fish, baby blue fish! It’s never to early to introduce baby to Dr. Seuss and this adorable costume will have your baby feeling cozy and comfortable. Buy it here

13. Optimus Prime Costume $30

Transformer fans will love this new costume that has everything you need to “transform” into Optimus Prime, including a muscled jumpsuit, mask and attached shoulder pieces. Buy it here.

12. “Eleven” Dress Costume $40

If your daughter loves the Netflix series Stranger Things, she can make contact with other creatures and dimensions as main character Eleven. Costume comes with dress and socks. Buy it here.

11.  Spiderman Costume $22

For Halloween, you can’t go wrong with Spider Man. This costume jumpsuit comes with attached shoe covers and a mask, and there’s webbing underneath the arms for added flair. Buy the costume here.

10. Playpen Convict Costume $26

If your baby or toddler an escape artist, you’ll love this convict costume that comes complete with mesh arms that sport fake “tattoos” - so cute! Buy it here.

9. Lil' Monkey Costume $40

No one can resist an adorable lil’ monkey, and baby will be snug and comfortable in the lined and zippered bodysuit. It has leg snaps for easy diaper changes and slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms. Buy it here.

8. Peacock Costume $17

Let your little girl strut her stuff in this bright and colorful peacock costume. It has wrist straps to so she can display her feathers proudly at a moment's notice and a decorative headpiece. Buy it here.

7. Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex $42

This dinosaur costume is hilarious fun! With yellow eyes, piercing white teeth and scratch marks that look fresh from battle, your child can dress up and show that dinosaurs are real! Buy it here.

6. Halloween Pumpkin $15

Your toddler will be the cutest pumpkin on the block in this soft and lightweight costume with matching plush hat. Parents will also love that it’s easy to pull up for quick diaper changes. Buy it here.

5. Headless Person Costume $38

Your child can make everyone look twice with this costume that makes it appears as if he’s headless! Perfect for Halloween, dress up, plays and more. Buy it here.

4. Witch Costume $60

Dressing up as a witch is a classic choice, and this costume is amazing - it has layers and layers of purple and green fabric covered in silver spiderwebs, an iridescent spiderweb cape, spooky witches hat and gloves for glamourous and wickedly great look. Buy it here.

3. Firefighter Footie & Hat Set $32

For babies up to six months old, this firefighter footie and hat set is perfect. Made of 100% cotton with front snap closure with snaps between legs, baby will be super comfy and oh-so-adorable. Buy it here.

2. Baby Fawn Costume $30

Okay, this might not look exactly like a fawn, but it’s absolutely adorable! The dress features spots on the skirt and the cap has antlers, ears and a flower crown - get the camera ready for some great shots! Buy the costume here.

1. Astronaut $21

Your little one can reach for the stars in this machine washable astronaut costume that comes with a soft helmet and reusable name tag. Buy it here.

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