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What are Iraqis Buying from America?

MyUS has many members in Iraq who shop American stores online and ship internationally with us. And with the country's economy getting stronger every day, more and more people are shopping online and shipping to Iraq. Check out Iraqi's favorite American brands and products...

Do You Want to Shop American Stores and Ship Home to Iraq (or any other country)?

With MyUS, you can shop almost any US store online and have your purchases shipped internationally - even stores that don't directly ship to Iraq. Here's how MyUS works:

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  2. Shop online at thousands of American websites (even stores that don't ship internationally!)
  3. At checkout, use your new MyUS address as the "shipping address".
  4. We'll receive your parcels on your behalf, repack them to reduce international shipping costs, and re-ship them to your door in Iraq
  5. You receive your purchases from the United States in as little as 2 to 4 business days!

Sound like a shipping service you could use? Join our happy Iraqi MyUS members today and start shopping the Web without borders!

Iraqi's Favorite US Brands, Products and Stores (Transcript of Infographic)

MyUS, the leading international shipping company, ships American goods daily to more than 350,000 members worldwide. See how our Iraqi members shop US stores online and ship goods home.

Skincare is In

Smart Iraqi shoppers know stores in the USA offer thousands of beauty products, from anti-aging treatments to cleansers and moisturizers, all at prices to please every budget.  

  • 14,800+ = Beauty and skincare products shipped in 2015

Focus on Fashion

Iraqis know the USA has a huge variety of fashion brands (and great deals) that make buying the latest styles easy on the wallet. 

  • 13,500 = Men's and women's garments shipped in 2015

Most Popular American Stores in Iraq

Of the 112,000+ products we shipped to Iraq in 2015, nearly 70% were purchased from online giant,

What Products Are Iraqi Shoppers Buying from the United States?

In order of popularity:

  1. Skincare products
  2. Vitamins and health supplements
  3. Women's clothing
  4. Smartphone accessories and parts
  5. Jewelry (non-precious)
  6. Men's clothing
  7. Toys and games
  8. Lipsticks and glosses
  9. Hair care products

Product data is based on MyUS Iraq Member activity 1 Jan through 31 December 2015. 


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