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What Our Members Have to Say About MyUS!

MyUS has helped over 5,000,000 members shop the US for the best products and exclusives they can't find in any other country!

We can ship these amazing finds from US online retailers to 220+ countries around the world. If you've been hesitant to try out MyUS for your international shopping and shipping needs, check out what our members have to say about their experiences below.

Member photos and quotes about their MyUS experiences shipping from US to Netherlands, Oman, Suadi Arabia, Australia, and UK

MyUS Members Love Shopping the US

We're happy to have helped Ellen shop Walmart from the Netherlands. Clark was able to score running shoes AND multiple pairs of Yeezy shoes for his family in Oman. 

MyUS ships to so many countries that George added a limited edition Star Wars pin set to his collection in Australia!

MJ from Saudi Arabia got first-hand experience of support from our wonderful customer service team and Samantha just loves all the stores she is able to shop and consolidate into one package—saving on international shipping!

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