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The MYUS Warehouse: What Are People Buying & Shipping?

There are certainly some unique items coming into our warehouse every day for international shipping so we thought we'd give you a little peek into our warehouse.

We have seen some very interesting things come through the door this season! It seems that vintage is very popular right now. Here's a look at some the interesting vintage items.

• Vintage Cameras and Equipment - Some of the most interesting cameras you could imagine have been arriving as of late. Leica has been making some of the world’s best cameras since 1913 with one recently being sold at auction for over $1M.  We have also seen high-end lenses by Carl Zeiss and many pre-war cameras as some of our customer's favorites. Want to know where you can find these items? Try  or

• Vintage Audio Equipment - While finding good headsets for your iPod or setting up the latest technology in surround sound may help your music sound good, vintage audio equipment makes your music sound amazing! We've seen vintage turntables, amps and stereos fill up our shelves for shipping. Looking for some of the best vintage equipment? Try .

• Kitchenware - Fire King kitchenware has remained a very popular item since last year. Made popular in the 1940s, these heat-resistant dishes are most recognizable by their pattern and color. The most common place to find these dishes continues to be eBay.

What fun items did we ship to you this year? Share with us in the comment section below.


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