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Don’t Miss Out on These Year-End and Post-Christmas Deals

The post-holiday season is the best time to buy many things, including electronics, clothing, toys, video games and decorations. As a MyUS member, you can shop right from your home and have those purchases delivered to anywhere in the world. There are a few reasons stores have ridiculous sales after the holidays: from meeting year-end quotas to getting rid of "old" models, but their loss is your gain! 

Amazon’s Year End Sales​

There’s a reason Amazon is featured on practically every sales list - it’s tough for other retailers to match or beat their incredible deals. Be sure to check out the hundreds of deals: Browse Amazon's sales here.

Holiday Decor​ (up to 70% off)

We’ve all seen those houses that you can practically see from space - their holiday lights and displays are are incredible as they blink and twinkle. You too can have that year. Starting planning and saving by shopping for decor after Christmas. Checkout's sales here.

Electronics (2016 models)

There’s such a mad dash to get all the newest electronics for Christmas - but if you can hold out a few more days, you’ll get the best deals. After Christmas and into January you’ll start seeing crazy deals on every kind of electronic device you can imagine. Stores start to make room for the newest models so you can get a 2016 model for a fraction of the price. View some deals on electronics here.

Winter Clothing ​(up to 50% off)

Start snagging all the winter clothing essentials you need when the holiday ends. Retailers want to get rid of this inventory before the new spring styles arrive. Stay on the lookout for some great deals at places like Nordstrom - which already has markdowns on their coats and jackets.

Toys ​(up to 60% off)

If you have kids you still need to get stuff for but won’t see them until after the holidays, you’re in luck. Retailers are going to do their best at getting rid of the extra-stock they had for the holidays. Shop Toys 'R Us today.

Candles and Fragrances

Bath and Body Works always has fantastic deals on candles. If you missed out on their annual $8.50 candle sale-don’t fret. You’ll be rolling in the savings when you combine online coupons with the discounted prices on all of their holiday scents. Shop here.

Video Games​ (starting at $19.99)

As with toys, most retailers order extra to stock up for the holidays. So they’ll have to sell through that inventory before 2017 versions of games are launched. You’ll find the best deals on these in the coming weeks. View video games sales here.


Whether you’re shopping for next year or you’re shopping for yourself now’s a great time to do it. Start 2017 with new items you saved a lot on and we’ll make sure you get them as quickly as possible.

MyUS has made every effort to provide the best available year-end shopping options for our members. However, some sales, items or websites listed may limit purchases, may not take all forms of international payment or may restrict purchases to certain countries. Please check each merchant’s website for their terms of sale, shipping guidelines or terms and conditions for more information.


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