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MyUS Gears Up for Holiday Surge in Gift Buyers


MyUS, the leader in international shipping, has already started ramping up their warehouse staff for the upcoming holiday season. Doubling their staff since 2009 to meet the demands of the 2,000+ packages that arrive to their warehouse daily, shipping activity has increased the most to those countries experiencing a stronger currency this year.  

With the current strength of most foreign currencies to the U.S. dollar, international shoppers are seeking deep discounts and deals not available in their own country. Given the sluggish U.S. economy, it is predicted that many retailers will be aggressive in their promotional pricing during the holiday season, and international consumers are anxious to be able to capitalize on the bargains that they anticipate will be available.

“The increase in business this year has been staggering. Our slowest month has always been September and, this year, it produced the highest amount of packages received in the company’s history,” says Eric Baird, CEO and Founder of  “October through December is when things really spike for the holiday season. We had a 75% growth in that same period from 2009 to 2010 and expect an even larger increase for this year. In 2010, we shipped out over 47,000 packages to 220+ countries for the holiday season, and we’re gearing up to near the 100,000 package mark this year,” continued Mr. Baird.

Currently, Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia are the top countries where customers are taking advantage of U.S. online shopping.

From top retailers like Amazon, Gap, Nordstrom, Apple and Zappos, purchases range from apparel and make-up to household goods and furniture to electronics and gaming products. MyUS launched the MyUS Shopping extension to Chrome and Safari. This let's you shop multiple stores, add items to your cart, and checkout only one time. Shopping is so simple, and with our free package consolidation, you will receive all of your products in one box!