Social Responsibility

Since its beginnings, MyUS has been committed to positively influencing the communities where we work and live, as well as the global community. We recognize that the strength of our community has a direct impact on our business, and are dedicated to making it stronger.

Through our financial support and volunteer activities, we hope to help improve the lives of those in need and contribute to making the world a healthier, safer place. Recent MyUS donations and volunteer efforts have been focused on these admirable organizations:

  • Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue
  • Relay for Life Cancer Walk
  • Resurrection House
  • Family Promise of Sarasota
  • Safe Place & Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC)
  • Sarasota Area Wounded Warrior Project
  • Satchels Last Resort
  • Tiny Hands Foundation
  • HeadKnowles and New Providence Community Centre (NPCC)
  • charity: water
  • Wires
  • NSW Rural Fire Service

Environmental Responsibility

As a member of the global community, MyUS takes its environmental responsibility very seriously.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our goal is to minimize waste and be mindful of our carbon footprint.

Recycled Packaging Materials

All packaging is made from 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable materials.

Recycle Your Packaging

We encourage our members to recycle boxes and packaging whenever possible.

Instead of the petroleum-based packaging materials used by our competitors (bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts and air pillows), MyUS only uses GreenWrap protective cushioning packaging. This Earth-friendly paper packaging provides superior protection for our members’ shipments AND the environment.