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Personal Shopper Service

Remove shopping obstacles with MyUS personal shoppers!

Most US merchants welcome global shoppers, but at times our members need to purchase from stores with these restrictions:

  • Accept only certain forms of payment, or your credit card does not allow you to purchase from that site.
  • Require payment through PayPal or money order
  • Do not accept payment by check or wire transfer

This is where the MyUS Personal Shopper team works for you – we make the purchases, and you get more of what the United States has to offer!

How does Personal Shopper work?

Purchase from US Stores

Select the type of purchase you'd like to make from US online stores or auction sites like eBay.

MyUS Personal Shopper

Provide the product details and merchant information, and add it to your MyUS online shopping cart.

Personal Shopper Buys for You

We make the purchase for you, then you submit payment to MyUS. We accept most forms of payment. Bonus: You don't pay US sales tax on your purchases!

Your Personal Shopper purchase will arrive at our distribution center like any other order, ready for shipment. It couldn't be easier!

Who can use MyUS personal shopping service?

MyUS personal shoppers are available to all members in the 220+ countries and territories we serve, including Australia, Egypt, Taiwan, New Zealand, Angola, United Kingdom, Ireland, Serbia, Turkey, Israel, Bahrain, Pakistan, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Japan.