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USA products are often far less expensive when you buy them directly from American retailers, versus buying them in your home country. When you shop US online stores and take advantage of our low shipping rates and package consolidation savings, you'll save BIG on the brands and products you love (even after duties and taxes)! BONUS: When you shop American stores with MyUS, you don't have to pay US sales tax either (that means you save an extra 7%!).

See How Much a MyUS Member in the UK Saved By Shopping in the United States! (click to enlarge)

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Did you know shopping US online stores and shipping purchases overseas can be far less expensive than buying the same products in your home country? Here is an example of how much a  United Kingdom shopper saved, but MyUS shoppers in all countries can enjoy the savings--from Australia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Angola and South Africa to Brazil, Mexico and Canada!

Buying in the United Kingdom versus Buying in the United States

  1. Apple iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi: UK cost = $343. US cost = $199 + $12 sales tax + $45 VAT/duties = $256 total cost when buying in the United States.
  2. Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel: UK cost = $444. US cost = $212 + $13 sales tax + $59 VAT/duties = $284 when you buy in the US.
  3. Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans, Black: UK cost = $117. US cost = $47 US price + $3 sales tax + $8 VAT/duties = $58 from the United States.
  4. Canon EOS 5D Mark III w/24-105mm Lens: UK cost = $3,973. Price in the US = $2,479 + $149 US sales tax + $535 UK VAT/duties = $3,163 when you buy in the United States.
  5. e.l.f. Studio Essential Makeup Collection: UK cost = $66. Price when bought in the USA = $20 + $1 USA sales tax + $7 VAT/duties from United Kingdom = $28 total US cost.
  • Total merchandise cost if all these items were bought in the United Kingdom =  $4,943
  • Total merchandise cost if all these items were bought online in the United States = $3,788
  • MyUS shipping cost after package consolidation savings (savings of 57%) = $115
  • Total US Cost (including international shipping to the UK) = $3,903