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10 Cool Gifts for Girls & Boys Ages 4-6 (2015 Edition)

It's hard to know what gifts kids really want. But don't worry, we've found the hottest toys of 2015 for kids ages 4 to 6. Just pick the toys you want to buy for the children in your life, and let us handle the international shipping.

Unique and Cool Gifts for 4-6 Year Old Kids

Star Wars Child's Clone Trooper Costume (US$14.51 on Sale)

The arrival of the new Star Wars movie this holiday season gives your kids the chance to relive some of the toy craze that emerged when the first film came out in the late '70s. This decorated jump suit with molded mask will allow your tyke to become a Storm Trooper or Troopette for only $14.51, marked down from $33.99 on Amazon. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, you'll receive free shipping to your MyUS address

Where to Buy It:

First Act Junior Drum Set (US$79.99)

Getting your child involved in music is great for their creativity, fun and education. This drum set from First Act is a perfect way to start them on music without paying the exorbitant prices these instruments can cost. Get this full kit with bass drum, tom, snare, cymbal and all necessary hardware for only $79.99.

Where to Buy It: On sale at Toys R Us

Fisher-Price Space Shuttle and Tower (US$300 Sale Price)

Inspire your future astronaut to reach for the stars with this fun space shuttle and tower. Complete with tower, elevator, figures (alien!) and take-off sounds, this is surely one of the hottest items for kids this year. Get it before it launches off the shelf.

Where to Buy It: Shop

Veterinarian Costume Set & Accessories (US$29.99)

Get your child started on their path to a career in medicine with this fun and educational veterinarian role-playing costume. Costume set comes with mask, jacket, stethoscope, thermometer and plush dog patient. Normally, $29.99, get it today for $25.95.

Where to Buy It:

Disney Frozen Microphone and Amplifier (US$29.99)

This microphone with built-in amplifier will have your little girl belting out all her favorite Frozen hits. Auxiliary inputs allow you to plug in music players like an iPod or computer and sing along to any song on your playlist. All this fun can be yours for just $29.99.

Where to Buy It: Online at Toys R Us

Razor A Kick Scooter (US$27.99 Sale Price)

The Razor is a great gift for a boy or a girl. It's a fun, mobile toy for playing outdoors while being cheaper and safer than a bike or skateboard. Available in black, blue, pink and red, Toys R Us currently has these marked down from $39.99 to just $27.99.

Where to Buy It: Toys R Us Website

Chef's Gourmet Play Kitchen (US$104.99)

Another great gift for a boy or a girl, this play kitchen is so stocked you might try doing a little cooking on it yourself! Seriously, this kitchen comes with everything: a beeping oven, a coffee maker, a bubbling stovetop, clear cabinet doors and a boatload of accessories. And it’s available for only $104.99!

Where to Buy It:

Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball (US$159.59)

With how fast they grow, buying new sports gear for your little one can seem like an unfortunate annual event. Thankfully, this basketball hoop from Fisher-Price is here to help. With four adjustable heights, this toy will literally grow with your child and can entertain them from ages 2 to 12.

Where to Buy It:

LEGO Friends Heartlake Lighthouse (US$33.99)

LEGOs are a fantastic gift that's both fun and educational. They teach kids how to build and follow directions, and, once it’s built, how to use their imagination to create stories. This Friends Heartlake Lighthouse will open up a whole realm of seaside stories for only $33.99 at Toys R Us.

Where to Buy It:

LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutation Chamber (US$24.99)

This is a great toy for your tot for all the reasons listed above. Tied to the popular TMNT franchise, this LEGO set will allow your kid to create Teenage Mutants of their very own, turtle or otherwise. Or, combine it with the Lighthouse above and merge the stories together. This fun set is marked down from $27.99 to $24.99.

Where to Buy It:


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