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10 Best Gifts of 2015 for Mom and Dad

While telling your parents "But aren't I the only gift you need?" may seem like a good idea, many moms and dads might follow with "Sure, but a new crock pot would also be nice." Have no fear, we found gifts for your parents that are much cooler than crock pots.

Forget the Bath Salts and Ties, Your Parents Will Really Love These Presents

These presents will cement your position as favorite child and can help you out-gift any siblings on a gift-giving winning streak. MyUS gives you access to the best gifts out there--many that would not be accessible to consumers living outside the United States.  

So are you ready to be crowned "Best Gift-Giver Ever"? Happy shopping!

5 Best Gifts for Mom

#1 Brookstone Aqua-Jet Foot Soaker Spa

She walked around with you in her belly for nine months, so why not show those feet some gratitude? This deal on a foot spa from Bed, Bad & Beyond allows your mom to treat herself anytime she wants for just $129.99.

Where to Buy It: (free shipping to your MyUS address on orders over $49)


#2 Luxury Travel Shawl

This microfiber travel shawl offers Mom all the comfort and warmth of home with the lightweight convenience necessary for traveling. This stylish shawl can also be folded into a cozy pillow.

Where to Buy It: (with free shipping to your MyUS address)


#3 Breville Juice Fountain Plus

Eating well promotes a healthy body and mind. Doesn't your mother deserve that? One of the best dietary options can be homemade, fresh juices. This powerful 850-watt juicer means she can juice her fruits and veggies without having to pre-cut them.

Where to Buy It: (this juicer qualifies for free shipping to your MyUS suite)


#4 Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

This trendy bag from Michael Kors is perfect for the mom on the go. Designed for air travel, this large tote is still very manageable while allowing her to lug around all those pictures of you. 

Where to Buy It: Nordstrom Online (free shipping to your US address and MyUS suite)


#5 Gaiam Yoga Duffle Bag

This yoga duffle bag will make your mom the hit of yoga studio. It features several zipped pockets and the best thing about this bag is the slot for a rolled yoga mat, allowing her to carry everything she needs in one convenient bag.

Where to Buy It: (free shipping to your MyUS suite with Amazon Prime)


5 Best Gifts for Dad

#1 Samsung 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This new Smart TV from Samsung (UN55JU6500) is the ultimate gift for Dad. The 4K resolution puts this TV at the top of the tech chain. With how real the picture looks, just make sure Dad doesn't try casting into the screen next time he's watching Bass Masters on the fishing channel. 

Where to Buy It: It's on sale at 


#2 Master Forge 3-Piece Pizza Stone

This gift combines the tools and flavor of a brick-oven pizzeria without having to actually build and heat a brick oven. The ceramic pizza stone fits over most grill sizes and comes with both a pizza cutter and a stainless steel pizza peel to take it off.

Where to Buy It:


#3 Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Help your dad become a true Legend of the Grill with this cook book from one of Austin Texas' best BBQ stops. Available at Amazon, this book is full of great recipes and useful tips for developing your own grill style whether you're girlling in Texas, Taiwan, Thailand, Turks and Caicos or Tongo!

Where to Buy It: (may qualify for free shipping with your Prime account)


#4 Backcountry Patagonia Jacket

With all the winter dad chores coming up, you want him to be warm don't you? This Patagonia down sweater jacket is available from Backcountry for only $229.

Where to Buy It: (with free shipping to your MyUS suite)


#5 Monster Brew Home Brewing Kit 

Another gift that keeps giving the whole year 'round, this beer kit comes with all the tools necessary to start brewing your own delicious suds (minus the recipe kits, which are also available). Help Dad bring out his inner brewmeister.

Where to Buy It: (free shipping to your MyUS account if you have Amazon Prime)

Important Note: MyUS cannot ship this item to countries that restrict alcohol or alcohol-making imports. Please check your countries' import laws before you purchase this item and ship with


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