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16 Must-Have Gadgets that Make Your Life Happier and Just Better

There are so many amazing products out there that make our lives easier. We've checked out some of these “I Wish I Would Have Thought of That” products and can’t wait to share them with you. Not only are these items inexpensive, they're fun and functional. And they do exactly as advertised - they make your life easier.

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Products That Will Make Your Life Happier and Easier

1. Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan ($28 US)

Black circular Pancake pan with different smiley face indents

Start your day with a delicious stack of smiles and share them with family and friends. Buy it on Amazon.

2. Lock Laces (From $7 US)

Bright Orange and blue tennis shoe

When you ties your shoes, you expect them to stay tied (without double-knotting) and NOW they will. Find lock laces on

3. Sugru Glue (From $12 US)

sugru adhesive strips in different colors and packaging

It's moldable glue that fixes, sticks, adheres, mends, bends and does what you want it to (and it comes in multiple colors so it blends in as well). Buy it

4. LED Attachment Nozzle (From $4 US)

Water facet with blue water coming out

Attach this to a faucet and it lights up according to the water temperature. This item is red hot (or blue cold)! Buy it on

5. One Trip Grocery Bag Holder ($4 US)

grocery bag holder carrying two bags at once

Never strain your hands again trying to carry all the bags in at once, this clip with the comfort grip does the work for you. Buy it on

6. Cake Slices Mold ($12 US) 

Frosted Slices of cake on plates and plain cake inside container

Now everybody gets the same size slice, ending one of the longest ongoing family dessert arguments of all time. Find it on

7. Scanning Pen ($80 US)

scanning pen hovering over words on paper

Where was this when I was in college? Scan book, newspaper or encyclopedia pages for notes and they are loaded to your computer. Buy it here.

8. Auto Spice Carousel ($34 US)

Spice storage wheel next to peppers and jalapenos on cutting board

Round and round it goes, where it lands only the cook knows. Press a button and get the right amount of spice you need every time. Buy it online here.

9. Bag Resealer ($9 US)

chip bag resealer closing Cheetos bag

Stop stealing your daughter's hair clip to seal those snacks! This handy device seals the bag tight until the next time you get the munchies. Buy it here.

10. Kuchenprofi Roast Cutting Tong ($60 US)

Silver cuttong tong and knife cutting meat on plate

Slice a roast, a meatloaf, or loin like a pro and serve up the dinner bounty in equal shares. Find it on

11. Aqua Notes ($8 US)

Notepad hanging in shower with hand writing notes with shower running

You never know when a great idea is going to strike. Never miss a chance to jot them down before they're gone - even in the shower! Buy it online at

12. Aroma Bakeware Silicone Garlic Peeler ($7 US)

Two green tubes with ripples on the ends

Insert garlic, roll around, dump out the garlic without skin. Something so simple works so perfectly, and it's available in lots of colors. Buy it online at

13. Godinger Bee Honey Jar ($35 US)

Silver bee honey dispenser with square spoon

Perhaps the coolest honey dispenser available. It's works and looks great and you’ll find yourself using more honey because of it. Buy it on Amazon.

14. Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank ($17 US)

Smart piggy bank with tons of pennis swirling out of it

It's an interactive piggybank that syncs with a smartphone so watching funds accumulate is easy. A great tool to teach kids about budgets and savings. Find it on Amazon.

15. Johnny Glow ($6 US)

Toilet light inside toilet that has multiple colors

Glow-in-the-dark strips for the toilet help guide your way at night! Buy it on Amazon.

16. Coffee Joulies ($60 US)

Mini burlap bag with clear beans next to it

These "magic beans" are the best and fastest way to cool off piping hot coffee just enough to enjoy, and then they keep it warm longer. Find it on Amazon.

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