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A Mix of Mixing Bowls

Nearly every great recipe starts with preparation in a bowl, making a great set of mixing bowls a kitchen essential. 

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Craft Kitchen 5-qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl $24.99

Stainless steel mixing bowl with non-slip base from Craft Kitchen

The Craft Kitchen 5-qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl is a kitchen workhorse. It's easy to hold, hasim measurement marks inside for accurate measuring, and a soft-grip bottom so you'll never have to chase the bowl around the counter. Even better, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

"This 5-qt mixing bowl is good quality, size, and sturdy. Ruber bottom and measure marks are nice features. It definitely is an upgrade from my discolored plastic bowl." says cpr1208 in their glowing review. 

Squish 5-qt. Collapsible Mixing Bowl $24.99

Collapsible mixing bowl in green and dark green from Squish

Short on storage space? The 5-qt. Collapsible Mixing Bowl from Squish is a wonderful option. It has an easy-grasp rim for a firm grip while mixing, an integrated spout for pouring, a non-slip base to keep in steady, and collapses flat to take up minimal space when stored. 

"I am impressed with the size bowl, large, that can also collapse saving space. So convenient; so useful." says vankohls in their online product review. 

Food Network 4-qt. Batter Bowl $19.99

White batter bowl with spout and handle from Food Network

Mix batters and easily pour them into skittles, muffin pans, and more in this convenient 4-qt. Batter Bowl from Food Network. It's made of lightweight polypropylene for easy handling, BPA-free, and dishwasher safe. 

"I wanted a big mixing bowl with a spout. This one is perfect, plus it’s beautiful. Easy to handle and just the right size for whatever the job needs. Recommend!" says BlessedGrandma8 in her glowing review. 

KitchenAid 5-pc Mixing Bowl Set $59.99

Five KitchenAid mixing bowls in an assortment of sizes on a kitchen counter

Make food prep easy with the KitchenAid 5-pc. Mixing Bowl Set. Dishwasher safe with nonslip bases for stability and spouts for pouring ingredients, they are a great addition to any kitchen. Includes five sizes from 1.5-qt. to 5.5-qt.

"Love these mixing bowls. Great quality and wash up really well. Perfect for all your mixing needs." says HeronGal in her online product review. 

OXO Good Grips 7-pc Glass Bowl Set $39.99

Glass mixing bowls from OXO filled with prepped ingredients

Prefer the look and performance of glass? The OXO Good Grips 7 Piece Glass Bowl Set includes three versatile mixing bowls in 4.5-qt, 2.5-qt, and 1.5-qt , and four 10-ounce "pinch" bowls that are perfect for prepping spices and other small ingredients. They are oven, freezer, and microwave-safe, nest for easy storage, and have wide rims for easy handling while mixing, pouring, and cleaning. 

"These are amazing. They are great for ice cream, snacks, prep, whatever. Please never stop making them! PS, they stack nicely and go in the dishwasher without complaining." says Goldie in her five-star review. 

Food Network 5-pc Mixing Bowl Set $39.99

Food Network mixing bowls in red, blue, white, and gray

Food Network's 5-pc. Mixing Bowl Set includes sturdy melamine bowls ranging in size from 6.375-in. to an extra-large 11.75-in. They are perfect for everything from food prep to serving snacks, and nest within each other for easy storage.  

"Very nice, sturdy, hard plastic colorful bowls in a great variety of sizes." says Bowls in their five-star review.

Wildone Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls with Airtight Lids $37.99

Stainless steel mixing bowls with black lids and grater inserts from Wildone

Measure, mix, grate, pour, and serve with Wildone's Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls. The set includes five stainless steel bowls in 5, 3, 2, 1.5, and 0.63 quart sizes with non-skid bottoms and matching airtight lids. Each bowl has quarts and liters clearly engraved inside, and the lid of the largest bowl has a removable center that accepts an included grater insert in case you need to grate something. 

"Do I ever LOVE this bowl set!!!!!! Super happy I bought these. Bowls are nice and big, fitting lids and I like how you can slice or grate cheese from the top of the big bowl right into it. Definitely would recommend these to the man/woman of the kitchen!!!!" says Alicia Hager in her product review. 

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