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Welcome the Fall With Pumpkin Everything

While the warmth of summer and long days of sunshine were great, the leaves are changing colors and it's time to slip into comfy sweaters and sip our favorite hot tea rather than an iced beverage. It’s safe to say that the “pumpkin-everything season” can now kick off!

Dr. Forshee, a licensed psychologist, says we love all things pumpkin because our brains link the color and smell with good memories such as fall festivals, exciting first school days, and quality family time. The following are a few suggestions as to how you can awaken the festive energy in your home as soon as fall steps in. 

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Yarn Pumpkins Centerpiece $20

Yarn Pumpkins Centerpiece in Three Different Colors and Shapes

As fall and coziness go hand in hand, this 3 Piece Pumpkin Themed Centerpiece is guaranteed to bring your favorite season into your home a little early.  It makes for the perfect addition to your home décor because it’s soft, elegant and can be placed literally anywhere! As a customer, you get to choose the size and color of your order, so you can get as creative as you want.

Taylor Frey loves her purchase, saying, “Our wreath turned out so pretty and it fits our door perfectly! I could not be happier.”

Inflatable Pumpkin Garden Set $46.79

Holiday Isle 7 Piece Pumpkins Patch Outdoor Garden Inflatable Set shown in a front yard

It’s never too early to get ready for Halloween and spare yourself from the trouble and anxiety of having to go pick through the stores at the same time as everyone else. By getting the 7 Piece Inflatable Set now, you’ll save time, money, and nerves. Its design is very compact and the set can be placed inside or outdoors. Children will love the cheery-pumpkin faces and might spend hours playing with and around them.

“Cute addition to my yard at Halloween time. I would totally recommend getting!” says Jane.

Grove Co. Limited Edition Golden Hour Candle $16.95

Grove Co Limited Edition Spiced Pumpkin Candle in Orange and Green Glass

It’s rare to find a person on Earth that hasn’t owned a pumpkin-scented candle at some point in their life. The gorgeous scent is one of buyers’ all-time favorites, and this Limited Edition Golden Hour Soy Candle will win your heart—and nose—in an instant. Enriched with natural cinnamon and vanilla, and packed in a lovely two-color glass, it will take you back to the early fall, after-school days at your warm childhood home. A perfect gift to ship for yourself or loved ones abroad.

“Smells like Fall. It’s nostalgically smell brightening and you want the cozy warmth of a fire. Beautifully decorates a room.” claims Miranda E. in her review.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Room Spray $8.50

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Room Spray in orange bottle with copper cap

If you happen to love staying at home and cooking during fall, you can make your home smell like heaven on the regular with this Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Spray. For many, it’s a smell that reminds them of carefree days, making it a buyers’ must-have for fall. Make sure to stock up if you want to keep it fall-like all year round.

Buyer Nakitta described this spray as addictive, adding: “Once I see this fragrance on the shelves it IS COMING HOME WITH ME. Always makes me feel warm, cozy, and happy. Literally my absolute favorite.”

Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit $10.99

Stainless Steel Ginbel Direct Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit

This quality, Stainless Steel Pumpkin Carving Tool Kit comes with 15 essential pieces for cutting, scooping, and carving out your favorite design on pumpkin. Not only it can you get your entire jack-o-lantern completed, but you can use this for other fruits or squashes. The kit comes with a storage bag specially designed to be carried around easily.

A buyer named Frank states: “These tools allow for much better precision and capability than a steak knife and a spoon. They also make it easier to carve with less effort. If you're careful I imagine they would last 5+ years. If you have kids that are careless like mine you will lose a few tools to breakage on the first year.”

Pumpkin-shaped Crystal Figurine $28

Clear Quartz Healing Pumpkin Skull Crystal Carving Figurine

These gorgeous and unique figurines can be made from either rose or clear quartz stone—both believed to remove energy blocks and replace the negative energy in your home with positivity. Add energy cleansing to your house-cleaning list and watch things change for the better. The Pumpkin Skull Crystal Carving Figurine is a cool piece that will fit into any home décor instantly if you were looking to avoid anything too kitschy. You can find more colors and stone-types on Etsy here.

“Very pretty, packaged well and came quickly. Very happy with this purchase, it will make a great present.” says mightyquie.

Color Changing Light up Jack-O-Lantern Décor $16.99

Rocinha Halloween Lantern Lighted Pumpkin Décor Color Changing Light up Jack-O-Lanterns with hats

When spooky meets fun, the end result are these Rocinha Pumpkin Lantern Lighted Décor items that can serve as entertaining decorative pieces for a children’s room, as well as unique Halloween décor. Decorated with fun hats, spider webs and skulls, they will definitely be remembered by your guests.

“These decorations are well worth the money, bigger than I thought and made of well quality materials, can’t wait to use them this year.” says Dawn Faircloth about these distinctive decorative pieces.

Hello Pumpkin Throw-Pillow Case $8.99

Beige natural fabric Hello Pumpkin Farmhouse Pillow Case Decorative Covers

For those who want to live the “all pumpkin, everything” season to the fullest, these Hello Pumpkin Throw-Pillow Cases might be the perfect finishing touch to their fall décor. They’re made of polyester burlap, which means that they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The design is simple and the colors are neutral, so these pillowcases will fit in with almost any style and color.

Holly is excited for the season, saying: “Beautiful and very well made! Exactly as pictured! Great addition to my fall decor!”

Family Pumpkin Patch Print $10.67+

Simple and Elegant Personalized Family Tree Pumpkin Patch Print in a light wood frame, featuring illustration of five pumpkins with Halloween accessories and names of family members

A unique family poster for the pumpkin-season lovers that can be personalized with the names, ages, and family roles of each member. The Family Pumpkin Patch Print comes on a high-quality, linen-textured card stock and can be a great gift for a family member, or an interesting addition to any room.

“So lovely! Packaged nicely with cardboard. The paper it's made with is thick and has a very nice pattern. Really pleased!” is said in Elaine Burke’s review.

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