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April Fools' Around the World

Happy April Fools'! Since we have happy MyUS members all over the world, we're looking at how people celebrate this fun holiday in different countries.

April Fools' Day Around the World (Infographic Transcript)

The 1st of April is celebrated throughout the world with jokes, pranks and some interesting local traditions. International eCommerce shipper, MyUS, salutes its members around the globe - and their sense of humor - on one of the most light-hearted days of the year.

The Media Gets in on The Pranks in Denmark

On 1 April 1965, a Danish newspaper reported in jest on a proposed new law that would require all black dogs to be painted white. Why? To increase road safety by making the dogs easier to see at night.

Italy, France & Belgium Focus on the Fish

A popular April Fools' tradition in Italy, France and Belgium involves taping a paper fish to someone's back. This "April Fish" symbolizes a young, gullible person, or an easily caught fish.

Germany: Businesses Get in on the Fun

German automaker BMW has a history of fake April Fools' ads promoting everything from road warmers and a self-cleaning car to the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile (PRAM).

Greece: It's All About The Water

In Thraki, a region in Northern Greece, rain that falls on 1 April is believed to be therapeutic. It is collected in bottles and saved to drink when someone is sick.

It Gets Messy in Portugal

Portuguese revelers celebrate a two-day version of April Fools' on the Sunday and Monday before Lent. The prank of choice? Throwing flour on one another.

The Polish Don't Trust Anything That Happens on April Fools'

In Poland, people don't take anything that happens on April 1 seriously. This conviction is so strong that the anti-Turkish alliance with Leopold I, signed on 1 April 1683, was backdated to 31 March.

Scotland Takes to the Signs

The Scottish two-day celebration includes Hunt the Gowk Day, where friends are sent on "fool's errands". On the following Taily Day, "kick me" signs are abound, as well as other posterior jokes.

Indian Companies Launch "Revolutionary" Ideas

On 1 April 2015, Indian taxi cab company Ola got in on the fun by tweeting out its revolutionary new concept - OlaAir - a helicopter service. 

United Kingdom is Full of Noodles

In the United Kingdom, joking ends at noon, and the victims of pranks are called "noodles". Anyone playing a prank after midday is considered an April Fool.

Whichever Way You Celebrate, MyUS Wishes You a Fun & Safe April Fools' Day!


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