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Enhance Your Viewing Experience With Projector Screens

Whether you’re watching the latest episode of your favorite tv show or streaming a movie with friends, no one should crowd around a small television. Projector screens allow large groups to enjoy movies without stress. 

Shop your next projector screen down below, and know that these screens can be shipped worldwide from US websites with MyUS!

Pull-out-style Manual Projector Screen $39

A 40-inch Pyle Prjtp46 Retractable Pull-out-style Manual Projector Screen showing a couple throwing popcorn in the air

This Manual Projector Screen is perfect for studio apartments and dorm rooms for under $40. Its lightweight and portable retractable design allow people to carry and set up wherever they need it. This viewing screen will pop out in seconds, just in time for last-minute showings. 

I like this screen because it is portable and lightweight. It locks together, so it doesn't accidentally open, and seems to be sturdy. It can also hang by loops on the pull-on top.” James says. 

Amazon Basics Pull Down Projector Screen $69.99

An 80-inch Amazon Basics Store 16:9 Pull Down Projector Screen with a city skyline on the screen

Save time setting up movie nights with this Pull Down Projector Screen from Amazon Basics Store. Mount it up on the wall or suspend for a ceiling. This screen provides crisp, clear picture quality for viewing indoors and outdoors. 

Purchased this for our newly finished theatre room, and we love it! The picture looks great, very easy to install.” Candi states. 

Portable Folding Frame Projector Screen $155

A white 59-inch by 102-inch Khomo Gear Folding Frame Projector Screen

Upgrade outdoor BBQs and pool parties with this Folding Frame Screen. Guests can comfortably watch movies and television from the jumbo oversize screen at a distance. The setup and takedown are simple and easy, only taking a few minutes! 

“Great screen. It sets up and breaks down easily, and it provides good quality visuals with our projector. We’ve enjoyed it for outside movie nights.” Nicole comments. 

GPX 70-inch Indoor & Outdoor Projection Screen $159.99

A black and white GPX 7-inch Indoor/ Outdoor Projection Screen with silver detachable legs

Play video games, present slideshows, and watch movies with this Projection Screen from GPX. The screen’s aluminum legs are light, but keep the screen up and smooth against strong winds, and the 90-inch screen is wide enough to capture high-quality details. It folds down into the included carry bag and is ready to assemble for your the next party. 

I got this projector for Christmas, and it works great with my soundbar. And it just makes my room way better and cooler looking,” says Mason142. 

VIVO 84-inch Portable Projector Screen $79.99

A VIVO 84-inch Portable Indoor/ Outdoor Projector Screen with foldable stand tripod and pictures of hot air balloons

Home theaters, businesses, and classrooms will benefit from this VIVO Projection Screen. The multilayer white and black backing screen avoids light penetration for a clearer image. Instead of two stands, this item balances from the center on a sturdy tripod, and they fold up easily for portability and storage. 

This stand is great. It is firm, sturdy, and best of all easy to adjust. It is also easy to dismantle for moving and storage purposes. Colors​ from the projector do appear sharp when bounced off the screen. We use it a lot at church for presentation purposes, and it looks great when standing at the front of the hall.” Matterson Clarke says. 

Zeny 100-inch Manual Pull Down Home Theater Screen $104.15

A Zeny 100-inch Diagonal 16:9 Manuel Pull Down Projector Screen

If you want to use up the entire wall, we recommend this Pull Down Projector Screen for your living room or home office. It provides outstanding image reproduction and clarity from all angles. Best part? it rolls up into the casing so you can enjoy your wall art, instead of the white screen all the time!

We love it! We use it outside. Thinking of getting one for the inside too! It's fun to sit outside and enjoy a movie.” Carmen raves. 

ProHT 40-inch Portable Projection Screen $129.99

A black and white Inland Products 40-inch ProHT Matte Diagonal Portable Projection Screen

Featuring a professional and modern design, this ProHT Projection Screen is perfect for impromptu office meetings and presentations. Set it up in the dining room, at your office desk, or even atop the coffee shop table for the perfect viewing area. The screen features two black scroll holders at the sides that keep it stable through showings and offer a quick and stress-free setup. 

The screen is built with great quality at a great price! Very easy to transport due to it being moderately lightweight for the size!” JordanG Marietta says.

VIVOHOME 14-feet Inflatable Blow Up Movie Screen $169.99

A VIVOHOME 14-Foot Inflatable Blow Up Mega Movie Projector Screen

Impress your friends and family with this Inflatable Projector Screen. The quiet fan pump inflates the screen in minutes and keeps it stable without disrupting the movie experience. It also features a weather-resistant Oxford Cloth that withstands harsh conditions. If you need to take it on the go, store it in the handy bag and take it to your next destination. 

We love our screen! We have made so many memories already while using this screen. It's easy to put up, sturdy and, of great quality. We can't wait to host more movie nights this spring and summer.” states Kandis. 

When all your favorite movies and future releases are available through streaming services, it’s about time you get a reliable projector screen. As a MyUS member, you already know that all of these screens can be shipped straight to your international doorstep from US websites without paying US sales tax. 

We always aim to bring our members the best shopping options available, but some of the products featured in this post may have purchase restrictions. To find more information, please visit the merchant’s terms of sale, shipping guidelines and/or terms and conditions.


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