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Brazil's Hottest Bloggers of 2018

If you love following the latest fashion and beauty trends, don’t miss Brazil’s hottest bloggers. You can see the latest fashion trends in action, learn new beauty tips, and find inspiration for your next vacation with just the click of a mouse.     

Don’t live in Brazil? You’ll still fall in love, we promise!

Martina Ritter

Influencer Martina Ritter wearing multi-colored chevon print button down dress in strappy heels

This 21-year-old digital influencer from Rio Grande do Sul is an advertising student and classical ballerina that loves to chat about fashion and lifestyle tips on her blog and YouTube channel. 

Follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram - and be sure to check out her blog!

Nati Vozza

Influencer Nati Vozza wearing purple sweater and floor length plaid skirt holding red mini bag

Nati Vozza is a fashion, beauty, travel and health blogger that created her blog, Glam for You, in 2009 and never looked back. She loves sharing her views on fashion, and frequently uploads beauty videos to her self-titled YouTube channel. 

Check out her blog, and follow her on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Helena Bordon

Influencer Helena Bordon in black blazer and dress sitting in shoe store

Brazilian style blogger and businesswoman Helena Bordon is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Along with her two best friends, she co-owns the Brazilian fast-fashion label 284, and her self-titled blog is insanely popular. 

Check out her blog, and be sure to follow her on Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter

Camila Coelho

Influencer Camila Coelho taking mirror selfie in home holding orange crocodile print bag

With over 7 million followers (and counting!) Camila Coelho has quickly become a super influencer on Instagram and her self-titled blog. A self-proclaimed beauty addict, she worked as a makeup artist before she started blogging full time, so she's full of experience and great tips. 

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook

Anne Barreto

Influencer Anne Barreto wearing black and white striped dress

Anne Barreto is a Brazilian model, blogger, and YouTuber that shares tips on fashion and fitness. Her blog is fun, fresh, and super entertaining. 

Follow her on Instagram, and YouTube and check out her blog here

Thassia Naves

Influencer Thassia Naves wearing brown formal dress standing next to wood framed windows

Instagram star Thássia Naves is a popular Brazilian fashion blogger that publishes beauty tutorials, travelogues, and personal testimonials on YouTube regularly. Follow her for frequent updates on her everyday life as well as her favorite of-the-moment looks.

Follow her on Instagram and YouTube, and subscribe to her blog.

Luisa Accorsi

Influencer Luisa Accorsi wearing red backless dress on set of stairs

26-year-old Luisa Accorsi is a journalist and blogger that started her blog, Dreams of Crepom in 2011. In 2016, she renamed it Luisa Accorsi, and she uses it to talk about everything from fashion trends and lifestyle to the best sunscreens and home decor.  

Check out her blog, and follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

Camila Coutinho

Influencer Camila Coutinho sitting on boat wearing striped crop top and white pants

Camila Coutinho is one of Brazil's biggest influencers with an Instagram following of over 2 million on her personal style account, and 1 million on her blog. Awarded the Best Blogger award at Glamour’s Generation Awards in 2016, she works regularly with luxury brands that include Harrods, Dior, and Jimmy Choo.

Visit her blog, and follow her on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Luiza Brasil

Influencer Luiza Brasil wearing red plaid and polka dotted dress and white leather booties

If you're interested in fashion, you may have heard Costanza Pascolato, one of the biggest fashion websites from Brazil. But have you heard the name Luiza Brazil? She's the name behind the website and she's front and center on the Brazilian fashion scene.  

Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here.

Helena Lunardelli

Influencer Helena Lunardelli wearing purple knit sweater and jeans

Architect Helena Lunardelli fell in love with blogging early in her career, and in 2012, she started her own blog, do jeito H. to share her true passion for beauty, fashion, and home decorating. With over 400k followers on Instagram alone, she's definitely one to watch! 

Check out her blog, and follow her on Youtube and Instagram.

Lala Noleto

Influencer Lala Noleto wering red patterned dress in white lace up heels

Digital influencer Lala Noleto is devoted to her followers, giving them tips on beauty and fashion as well as a glimpse into her everyday life. Don't miss her on Instagram, where her incredibly popular account has over 1 million followers.  

Follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

Lia Camargo

Influencer Lia Camargo wearing black outfit sitting on wool covered bar stool

Based in São Paulo, Lia Camargo is a fashion designer turned fashion blogger. She launched her website, Just Lia, in 2001 to talk about her life and share tips on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

Catch her blog here and follow her on YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mariah Bernardes Maia

Influencer Mariah Bernardes Maia wearing baby blue dress and white sneakers in the grass

Blogger and businesswoman Mariah Bernardes Maia lives in São Paulo and is a graduate of FAAP fashion. She started her blog in 2007 to have a space to share ideas, travels, hair tips, makeup ideas, recipes, just about anything!  

Follow her adventures on her blog, YouTube, and Instagram.

Laura Kassab 

Influencer Laura Kassab holding heart shaped box in store wearing black trouser pants and black booties

Laura Kassab is a travel, lifestyle, and Christian faith blogger reagrded as having one of the best lifestyle and fashion blogs of Brazil. She shares fashion tips and beauty favorites, from how to wear a long bib 9 ways to her favorite nail enamels and nude lipsticks. 

Follow her on FacebookInstagram, and subscribe to her blog here.

Alana Ruas

Influencer Alana Ruas wearing a traditional Chinese top and leggings

Born in Teófilo Otoni, Alana Ruas currently works in fashion production in Rio de Janeiro and created her blog in college as an outlet for sharing her professional work as well as her daily looks and unique take on fashion.

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram!

Julia Petit

Influencer Julia Petit wearing black squin outfit laying on black fur blanket on bed

Julia Petit is a YouTuber, presenter and fashion blogger, but with over 10 years under her belt, she has decided to take 2018 as a sabbatical year to study a little, live life, and sort things out for herself. But don't fret, her blog is filled with plenty of great information to keep you busy until she returns. Or check out her Instagram page, where she is sharing updates about her adventures in 2018.

Follow her on YouTube and Instagram, and check out her blog.

Anna Fasano

Influencer Anna Fasano in burnt orange deep v formal dress holding circular straw bag

It's no surprise that Anna Fasano has always been passionate about lifestyle, fashion, and gastronomy - after all, her family is responsible for the hotel and gastronomy network of Fasano, and her mother is a renowned journalist. We love her blog for it's gorgeous photography and wonderful blend of travel, fashion, beauty, and gastronomy. 

Check out her blog and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Gabriela Pugliesi

Influencer Gabriela Pugliesi in two piece workout outfit and tennis shoes

Health and wellness blogger Gabriela Pugliesi inspires her followers with fitness tips and recipes. Check out her blog to discover the reasons behind her passion for fitness, her YouTube channel for inspiring videos, and her Instagram account for a peek into her daily life.

Join her growing group of followers on Instagram and YouTube, and check out her blog here.

Nicole Pinheiro

Influencer Nicole Pinheiro wearing pink jumpsuit in front of white couch

Nicole Pinheiro started her blog, The Fashion Hall, with her friend and fellow style lover Marília Queiroz to share their knowledge of fashion and makeup trends. She has an amazing sense of style, balancing a younger fashionista touch with classic style. 

Join her growing social media following on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to her blog here

Lu Ferreira

Influencer Lu Ferreira walking down street in black leather jacket and velour pants

Looking for the most delicious recipes, best travel tips, and the latest fashion news? Check out Lu Ferreira's blog, Chata de Galocha. Filled with luscious food, fashion, and beauty, the website also has it's own clothing line and has establishes partnerships with some of the biggest brands, including Clinique, Kate Spade, MAC, and Lacoste, among others.

Follow her blog and check her out on YouTube and Instagram.

Who are your favorite bloggers from Brazil? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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