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Should You Buy the iRobot Mint Plus to Clean Your Floors?

If you have hardwood, tile or other smooth flooring, the iRobot Mint Plus will keep your floors spotless with quiet, effortless ease. Just press a button and Mint Plus will sweep and mop your floors while you relax.

iRobot Mint, the company’s follow-up to its popular Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner, makes maintaining wood and tile floors a breeze. To get clean, glimmering floors, just attach a cleaning cloth to the Mint Plus robot, press a button, and sit back while it works.

With intelligent cleaning, Mint Plus automatically tracks its own movements while it sweeps and mops your floors. The square design lets it clean corners and other tight spaces where traditional brooms and vacuums can’t reach. Because the robot knows where it has already cleaned, it never misses a spot. The Mint Plus can sweep or mop up to 2,000 square feet in a single cycle, and can recharge its batteries in as little as two hours. It even uses built-in sensors to slow down before making contact with delicate furniture and walls.

Because Mint Plus relies on cleaning cloths, not a vacuum cleaner, the robot is as quiet as a whisper.

Thanks to the robot’s quiet technology, you can work, talk on the phone, watch TV or even sleep while Mint Plus cleans your floors. If you do need to stop Mint Plus, though, sophisticated pause/resume technology allows the robot to pick up where it left off, cleaning without missing a spot.

If you’re ready for spotlessly clean floors without almost no effort at all, you can pick up an iRobot Mint for as little as $199, or a Mint Plus for just $299, directly from the iRobot website. Even better, the Mint and Mint Plus ship FREE to your MyUS suite!

We ship to many countries - from the United Arab EmiratesRussiaIreland and India to AustraliaCanadaAmsterdam and the Netherlands and everywhere in between.

You can ship the iRobot internationally from the United States if you have a MyUS membership. We'll receive your iRobot, inspect it to ensure it's arrived in one piece, then repackage it and send it to your home. 


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