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Buy Olympic Merchandise for the London Games

The 2012 Olympic competition in London has spurred a whirlwind of merchandise purchases that will likely last well past the end of the games. With 205 countries represented at the Olympics, and many of those countries poised to make history during the games, Olympic merchandise sales have hit an all-time high.

Variety of Merchandise

While Olympic-themed merchandise typically includes shirts and hats, these products are just a small part of the London UK 2012 offerings. Sporting-goods companies like Fanatics offer a wide array of products that includes pins, jerseys, coffee mugs, beer glasses, wine glasses and even coins, all carrying the London 2012 theme. Sporting enthusiasts can even purchase Olympic-themed jerseys emblazoned with the name or number of a favorite athlete.

Country-Specific Items

Many of the countries participating in this year’s Olympic games will make history during the event. In addition to the numerous world records that participating athletes will set, the 2012 Olympic games will see a number of historic achievements. Runner Oscar Pistorius from South Africa, for example, is the first double-amputee ever to compete in the Olympics. In addition, Saudi Arabia has sent female athletes to compete in the 2012 London games, a first for the country. These historic milestones have encouraged consumers to purchase Olympic and 2012 London gear in droves, setting records for the amount of merchandise purchase worldwide.

Certainly, countries like Saudi Arabia and South Africa have a lot to be proud of during this year’s games, and residents of almost every participating country have shown some form of national pride through merchandise purchases. Whether adorned with emblems from a specific country or with the London 2012 image, Olympic-themed products give buyers a vehicle for showing national pride and publicly demonstrating support for their representative athletes.


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