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Canada’s Top Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers of 2019

We have to admit, we’re a bit obsessed with these Canadian influencers, and you will be too! With fashion tips, product reviews, and a healthy dose of fun and entertainment, this group has it all!

Whether you live in Canada or on the other side of the world, these influencers are sure to charm you in 2019:

Estée Lalonde

Blogger Estee Lalonde wearing all black outfit and white beanie hugging dog in grass

Canadian born and raised and now hanging out in London, Estée Lalonde makes weekly lifestyle and beauty videos on YouTube and is the creator or her self-titled blog where she documents her travels, daily walks with her dog Reggie and anything else that strikes her fancy.

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Kayla Seah

Blogger Kayla Seah wearing white cutout jumper carrying striped bag

Kayla Seah is a Toronto-based blogger and the creativity and inspiration behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Not Your Standard. She combines classic and modern pieces with a minimalistic approach that just draws you in. Don't miss her.

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Stephanie Sterjovski

Blogger Stephanie Sterjovski wearing sparkly top sitting in living room

Based in Toronto, Canada, Stephanie Sterjovski created her blog back in 2012 to share aspirational and attainable style and home decor. Since then, it's grown to also include travel, beauty, wedding planning, and lifestyle, covering topics from where to shop for vacation clothes to how to boost your immune system and holiday drink recipes.  

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her blog and YouTube channel.  

Samantha Ravndahl

Blogger Samantha Ravndahl wearing black and white backless top and jeans with tattoo on left arm

Samantha Ravndahl is a beauty vlogger who posts reviews, tutorials, and challenges on her self-titled YouTube channel. She's entertaining, informative, and just a lot of fun to watch. 

Check out her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram

Alexander Kenton Liang

Blogger Alexander Kenton Liang wearing pea coat and brown cowl scarf and vans

Alexander Kenton Liang is an artist, blogger, and entrepreneur that has found great success on social media as well as TV, with a popular blog and appearances on several Canadian shows. Follow his blog for an inside peek at his life and style.

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Ania Boniecka

Blogger Ania Boniecka wearing jean jumpsuit sitting on rooftop looking in purse

Ania Boniecka runs Ania B., a travel, beauty, and lifestyle blog along with her partner Tyler Stalman. Ania’s interest in fashion started when her family moved to Canada and she started modeling. Tyler was a lifestyle photographer, and together, they've created a blog that's both beautiful to look at and full of advice, reviews, and inspiration.  

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Amber Desilets

Blogger Amber Desilets wearing long hot pink tutu sitting down in roller blades

Amber Desilets has been blogging for over 9 years! She believes in finding and focusing on the things in life that bring you joy, and it's reflected on her blog - check it out if you want beauty and fashion advice with a smile!

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Kelsey & Becky

Bloggers Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid laughing at each other inside home

Meet Becky Wright and Kelsey MacDermaid, better known as The Sorry Girls. They started their creative journey when they met back in 2010 and call themselves The Sorry Girls as a play on the stereotype that Canadian's say sorry way too much. With over a half million subscribers, they look at everything from home décor and fashion to Halloween and Christmas and put their heads together to figure out how to DIY (do it yourself) this season’s trends using materials that are easy to access and instructions that are easy to follow. 

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook and be sure to check out their blog and YouTube channel.

Amira & Maya

Bloggers Amira & Maya sitting on white bench outside stoor wearing shiny shoes

Amira & Maya are two best friends who share a love of blogging, sharing their views on fashion, tips on getting the best deals, and how to decorate with style. 

Follow them on Instagram and be sure to subscribe to their blog.

Krystin Lee

Blogger Krystin Lee wearing white knit beanie and pink jacket

Based in the Toronto area, Krystin Lee is a Social Media Strategist and the creative mind behind Suburban Faux Pas, a lifestyle blog where she shares snippets of her current inspirations including fashion, beauty, decor and more. 

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to check out her blog.

Gabrielle Lacasse

Blogger Gabrielle Lacasse sitting in drivers seat of car holding steering wheel wearing red boots

Gabrielle Lacasse is a freelance writer, stylist, photographer, and editor in chief at Dentelle+Fleurs. In 2010, she started blogging and was instantly hooked. Through her blog, she's able to collaborate with brands she loves, express her opinion on topics she holds dear, and meet countless inspiring people. 

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Musemo Handahu

Blogger Musemo Handahu sitting in red chair with purple fur scarf around shoulder

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, Musemo Handahu is a multi-faceted creative with an eye for the cool and buzz-worthy. Follow her blog not only for fashion tips and advice, but also for her captivating personality and colorful style.

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Jill Lansky

Blogger Jill Lansky sitting on couch holding glass of wine

Jill Lansky started her blog, The August Diaries, as a creative outlet during her academic years, and it has since grown into a visual diary where she shares her travel adventures, life experiences, style inspiration, and beauty tips + tutorials. Her goal is to empower her readers to use clothing as a tool to gain confidence and become the best version of themselves.

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Alexandra Grant

Blogger Alexandra Grant standing outside flower shop in dress

Based in Vancouver, Alexandra Grant is a self-described travel addict with a love of effortless style, 70s music, cuddly dogs and holistic fitness/health. Her blog, To Vogue or Bust, is a truly diverse lifestyle destination, providing empowering yet easy-to-implement content including travel, fitness, wellness, the business of blogging and beauty.

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Alicia Winnett

Blogger Alicia Winnett standing close to lake wearing bright orange sweater

Alicia Winnett began her blog Alicia Fashionista in her early twenties while working as a stylist/digital media specialist for a local clothing company in Vancouver, and 8 years later, it's grown more than she could have imagined. She describes her site as a place for the millennial woman who loves to travel, sees beauty in the ordinary, and aims to live wholeheartedly. 

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Kaylee Giffin-Logan

Blogger Kaylee Giffin-Logan wearing beige sweater and golden yellow skirt in front of green door

Kaylee Giffin-Logan is a fashion and lifestyle influencer, wife, and mother-to-be in March 2019. Her blog, The Blondielocks, is a destination for all things fashion, food, home, beauty & DIY. She hopes to inspire her readers to “Curate a life that is juuust right.”

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Jonathan Cavaliere

Blogger Jonathan Cavaliere wearing all dark gray suit holding sunglasses

Jonathan Cavaliere, often referred to as 'Canada's Sharpest Man', founded his blog, Mr. Cavaliere, to give men the tools to elevate their quality of life. Visit the site for in-depth conversations on everything from style, food, culture, travel and ultimately what it means to live life better.

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Joëlle Anello

Blogger Joelle Anello wearing all pink dress boots and hat sitting at round table

Joëlle Anello is a Toronto-living blogger gal with a penchant for all things Instagramable. When she's not working her 9-to-5 day job, she's blogging about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel-related content to her popular site, La Petite Noob.

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Jessica Luxe

Blogger Jessica Luxe wearing black leather jacket and white button up dress

Jessica Luxe is a style blogger and digital entrepreneur based in Vancouver, BC. Her blog covers everything from daily outfits, beauty, and hair, as well as tips on blogging, such as how she takes Instagram photos, how to pitch a brand, and a 4-step guide to manifesting success. 

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Ally Gradley

Blogger Ally Gradley wearing three striped dress looking down at pregnant belly

Ally Gradley took her lifelong passion for beauty, fashion, and travel and funneled it into her blog, Gumboot Glam. On it, she shares her styling's, and musings on beauty, health, and fitness and believes that "glam" can be anything from red lips to high heels, and even jeans and a t-shirt because it's all about confidence.

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Who are your favorite bloggers from Canada? 

If we missed any of your favorites, we would love to hear from you! Let us know on Facebook who should be added to the list.


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