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The Explosion of Online Shopping for Home & Corporate Offices

Explosion of Online Shopping for Home & Corporate Offices, icons of printer, chair, desk, calculator, tape, laptop, files, etc

The global office supply market is exploding; there’s never been a better time to improve and enhance your office space. Whether you’re ready to execute a significant upgrade to your work-from-home (WFH) office setup or you’re looking to revamp your corporate office space, the supplies available to you (at your fingertips) can take both your comfort and professionalism to the next level. 

The ease of getting the supplies you need — delivered right to your home or office doorstep — saves you time and energy from running around looking for the perfect office chair or eco-friendly printer paper. There is an abundance of affordable online office supply options for every budget, so you don’t have to break the bank or sacrifice comfort or style to get a pleasant, professional office space. Key trends currently driving the office supplies market are WFH setups, increased use of digital platforms in offices, and the rise in demand for eco-friendly office supplies.

Numbers-Backed Office Supply Demand

Recent research from Technavio confirms that the demand for stationery and office supplies will exceed $236 Billion USD by 2022. And while it’s no secret that online shopping is blowing up, the global office supply market proves it. Not only is there worldwide market growth momentum, but work conditions have also changed dramatically for many people across the globe — home offices are becoming the “norm,” rather than the exception. According to MarketWatch, the combination of global industry demand, future growth projections, and the impact of COVID-19 has dictated increased demand in market share for paper products, desk supplies, stationery and mailing supplies, computer and printer supplies, and filing, binding, and time tracking supplies. 

Level-Up Your WFH Office

Working from home is the new corporate standard. After the global pandemic onset, businesses quickly pivoted to find ways to operate with many employees working remotely. It looks like this new model will continue for the foreseeable future. At first, many employees worked from a makeshift home office. Now that the WFH model is becoming (at least) semi-permanent, the demand for home office supplies is skyrocketing. Whereas offices stocked supply rooms with materials for hundreds of employees in the business, WFH employees now need their own “supply rooms” — and many of these home offices are starting from scratch. Also, many of these families contribute to rising school supply demands for home-schooled children.

If employees working from home want to make a positive, lasting impression, they should make sure the home office setup is comfortable and professional to increase confidence and credibility. 

A few essentials for leveling-up the home include:

A pleasant, polished home office not only helps you — as an employee — separate your personal and professional worlds, but an enhanced aesthetic for video calls and conferences also breeds confidence in your ability to conduct work without ever leaving your house.

Design a Corporate Office That Ensures Health and Safety of Employees

It’s not only home offices that need an upgrade, but corporate offices are also re-thinking spatial strategies, cleaning protocols, and various other methods to adapt their business models post-pandemic — to keep employees safe and healthy.

Corporate office remodels may require:

  • Updated, physically-separated desk setups (goodbye open floor plans and cubicle workstations)
  • Sneeze guards
  • Hygiene stations and the widespread availability of hand sanitizer
  • Heavy cleaning and caustic products
  • Improved air filtration systems & fans

Whatever the goals are for your corporate office to ensure the health and safety of employees in the “new normal,” there’s a solution. Perhaps you’d like to increase the use of eco-friendly supplies in your business, or to resume business “as usual” in your current workspace, or to re-work existing floor plans, workstations, kitchens, and restrooms. Discover a wide range of office supplies and products available to support your goals by shopping here.

Buy Office Supplies Online & Save (Money and Time)

No matter what type of WFH or corporate office supplies you need to support your business, is committed to shipping the products you need directly to your location, saving you money and time. Start by following our process to get set up and begin shopping U.S. stores to find whatever you need to improve your home or corporate office.



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