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Firm and Flexible: The Best Keyboard Wrist Rests

Wrist discomfort can be caused by typing for long periods of time on a keyboard. Many office employees and students who must sit in front of a computer have contemplated purchasing a wrist rest to alleviate pain in their hands and wrists. A computer keyboard wrist rest is hard enough to offer support while being flexible enough to enable wrist flexibility.

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Innovera Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest $16.58

 Purple gel keyboard wrist rest by Innovera

This Keyboard Wrist Rest with Innovera gel wrist support provides cushioning and cooling comfort while typing. Its stain and water-resistant smooth surface are easy to clean. Supported by nonslip rubber backing, it stays in place. The gel filling displaces pressure points and maintains a neutral wrist position.

“I have problems with wrist carpal tunnel from years of working with a computer and keyboard Excellent support .... Great find!” reviewed Sutton.

Fellowes PlushTouch Microban Keyboard Wrist Rest $17.62

A Gray Lattice PlusTouch Wrist Rest

With FoamFusion Technology, this Microban Keyboard Wrist Rest provides a soft, comfortable cushion for your wrists while also helping to relieve wrist pressure. The soft, breathable wrist rests are durable enough to withstand daily usage.

“I am a receptionist for a medical office with 17 orthopedic providers, and I am constantly typing. This wrist rest has helped tremendously with hand strain. Our physicians recommended getting these for all of us, and we can really tell a difference! Great quality and durability,” commented OrthoReception

3M Gel Wrist Rest with Tilt-Adjustable Platform $61.12

M Gel Wrist Rest with Tilt-Adjustable Platform of 0.75″ or 0.625″

Sleek in appearance and operation, this Tilt-Adjustable Platform is designed with tapered wrist rests and rounded corners for comfort. Leatherette wrist rests are easy to clean and feature antimicrobial product protection.

Techy Grandma: “I bought this for an external monitor attached to my MacBook Pro. I didn't want to use up desk space and didn't want to convert my center dovetail drawer into a keyboard drawer. So the 3-M adjustable gel wrist rest platform was the answer. It is sturdy, comfortable and accommodates my mac keyboard & mouse. Additionally, I can easily close my drawer. I've tried so many things but this is the best. I am extremely happy with this product.”

Walnut or Beech Wood Keyboard Wrist Rest $20.70+

A wood keyboard and mouse wrist set with a white keyboard and a mouse

If you are currently looking for a gift for a programmer, student, gamer, etc., this anti-slip wooden wrist rest is the perfect addition in your life. You can select from walnut or beech wood select the size that suits you.

Ennaisme writes: “Very well-made, sturdy, and beautiful. There is a thin foam lining on the bottom, as well as two anti-slip pads (just remember to peel off the clear plastic covers). It's the perfect height and width for my 104-key Ducky and very comfortable for typing on. The wood grain is gorgeous and professional, with a lovely finish. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a keyboard wrist rest!”

Ergonomic Wrist Rest Heat Pack $29.99

A colorful patterned wrist rest pack with a Macbook keyboard and a pen

With two unique patterns and a variety of soothing scents, this wrist rest heat pack not only provides comfort but also is to relax your senses altogether. They come with removable washable covers, whereas the insert is made with quality muslin. 

Pinkindeedknits says, “I love my new mouse pad and wrist rest. I can't wait until Monday to actually use them at work. Beautiful. Very well packaged and superbly made. The amount of scent is just right- truly, a wonderful product.”

Handmade Ergonomic Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad With Lavender Scent $32.95

A handmade keyboard wrist rest with blue lagoon fabric shown with a white keyboard

This is one of the most interesting items we’ve encountered. While it does the primary job of ergonomically positioning your wrists and hands to provide you with support, it also uplifts the environment with a light fragrance of lavender (unscented is also available). You can chill it in the freezer or heat it in the microwave and have an all-natural heating product for relaxation. The fabric is very pleasant to look at as well as touch.

“I bought the keyboard wrist and the mousepad wrist for working from home during the pandemic several months ago. They are so pretty, smell wonderful and really comfortable. I have ended up changing around my keyboard setup a few times, and I love that I can move and mold them to where I need them. I love the lavender scent!”, exclaims nadeetg.

Logitech MX Palm Rest for MX Keys $27.78

The black Logitech MX Palm Rest showing how to pair it with a MX Keys keyboard.

If you are interested in performance for long hours but also an elegant and minimalistic look, check out the MX palm rest. Crafted with high-quality materials: soft yet resilient memory foam is comfortable and durable—plus, it's stain-resistant and easy to clean. Support where you need it: smooth and pleasant to the touch and doesn't slip or slide on surfaces. It stays put no matter how and where you type. Designed for thin keyboards, it's a perfect fit for MX Keys or Craft.

 “I purchased this palm rest along with an MX keyboard in the middle of writing my dissertation. My previous keyboards had a built in palm rest that seriously irritated my palms. The Logitech MX Palm Rest is extremely comfy, and the ability to move the pad independently of the keyboard is an unexpectedly useful feature. Another customer complained about the rest sliding on a glass desk, but I haven't noticed any problems on my wooden desk. If your palms get irritated during long periods of writing, I highly recommend this product,” comments Adam Gordon, a satisfied customer.

We hope that you like our small selection of some of the best keyboard wrist rests available online. Shop these items today and ship worldwide as a MyUS member. 


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