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Gifts for the Cooks & Foodies in Your Life

What do you give a cook or chef that probably has everything? We’ve got that covered. We’ve whipped up a great menu of gift ideas for the foodies and chefs in your life. As a MyUS member, you can buy these gifts online and ship internationally for cheap. Happy shopping!

Uuni Wood Pellet Pizza Oven ($299)

This oven is on everybody’s must-have list and why wouldn’t it be? Bring a wood burning pizza stove home and change the way you cook and enjoy pizza, appetizers and so much more. Find it online here.

Baking Steel Griddle ($199)

Better baking at lower temperatures is made possible by this steel griddle that goes right in the oven. It’s changing the way people are baking - and enjoying - their food. Find it online here.

Breville The Fast Slo Pro Pressure Cooker ($248.95)

Some chefs don’t trust the pressure cookers of yesteryear, but this new version puts those fears to rest. This updated, more intuitive cookware makes your recipes taste as if prepared by the masters. Find it online here.

The ROK Espresso Maker ($212)

This human-powered espresso maker is beautiful to look at and lets you make your drink exactly like you like it. No pre-measured cup of caffeine here, so go ahead, make it strong. Find it online here.

Eva Solo Gravity Cookware - Stainless Steel 2.0 L Pot with Multifunctional Lid ($129)

Take the drips, spills and mess out of your stovetop cooking with this versatile cookware. Sauces, pastas and more are no match for the lid the keeps everything in - or out - the way it’s supposed to be. Find it online here.

Cuisinart Fresh Edge 6-Piece Vacuum Sealed Food Storage Containers (starting at $34)

Don’t throw away stale product ever again. The small investment in these terrific storage containers will save you a lot of money over their lifetime as they keep food fresh longer. Find it online here.

BLADES 12-Piece Professional Cutlery Set by Chef Rick Moonen ($200)

Good cooking begins with good knives. This popular chef’s brand of knives are taking kitchens all over the world by storm. This introductory set is priced so well that no one should ever have to go without good knives again. Find it online here.

Hiku - “The Shopping Button” ($49)

Make grocery shopping a breeze with this voice-recognition “button” that keeps track of your grocery list, scans barcodes to make shared lists and can connect online and do your online shopping for you. Learn more here.

Flat Sauté Set ($29)

The simplicity of these cooking utensils is genius. Their unique shape makes them easy to use, clean and store. Be among the first to add them to your cook’s kitchen. Find the sets online here.

Toribe Kitchen Shears ($50)

Every well-equipped kitchen has a great pair of shears. These Japanese shears are a great value for such a versatile piece of equipment. Shells, bones and meats don’t stand a chance. Find it online here.

Artisan Salt Sampler FUSION ($130)

Mix and match these wonderful salts to your tastebuds’ delight. Note: some countries may restrict certain spices from being imported. Check your country’s import laws before you buy. Find it online here.

These gift ideas make it easy to spoil the chef, cook or foodie in your life. MyUS makes it easy to get them to you in time for holiday giving. We can ship them to nearly any address in more than 220 countries and territories - and in most cases in just two to four business days. Just think of it this way, the sooner you can give them, the sooner you can enjoy the foods that are made with them!

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