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The Gifts Kids Really Want

Not sure what the kids in your life want this year? We’re helping you find cool gifts they'll love. From getting a pie in the face to experiencing a virtual pet, the toys that make it all possible are right here. Shop now and MyUS can get these toys delivered internationally for a very low rate.

Zoomer Chimp ($78)

The voice-commanded chimp plays, moves, makes noises and changes eye color at the sound of your youngsters voice. It’s like a real pet but without the mess. Buy it online here.

LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter ($63.99)

Everybody has a Lego fan or Star Wars fan on their shopping list. This classic X-Wing kit can make all of them happy. Buy it online here.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Blaster ($229.99)

Nerf has come a long way from hoops and footballs and your kid is better for it. This mobile nerf gun makes playtime and sneak attacks fun and safe! Buy it online here.

SELFIE MIC Music Set ($17.19)

Selfie Karaoke! What will they think of next? Now your little superstars can film themselves singing. Comes with a preloaded song selection or they can load their favorite music via their smartphone. Buy it online here.

Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset ($110.49)

Drones are going to be everywhere in the near future, but you can bring this one - loaded with a camera - to your child now. You’ll soon understand what all the buzz is about. Hours of fun! Note: Some countries restrict drones from being imported, even if they are just toys. Check your countries import laws before you buy any drone. Buy it online here.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon ($59)

This cute little furball is interactive and can breath “fire.” Don’t worry though, the Torch’s “fire” is just colored-water mist. But it’s still really cool! Buy it online here.

IDO3D 3-D Pens ($28)

These pens write and draw in 3D. You’ll be amazed at what your children can create with them. Buy it online here.

Playskool Sesame Street Play All Day Elmo ($59.99)

No kids wish list would be complete without the latest interactive Elmo. This cuddly edition is loaded with 8 games and activities, 150+ sayings and a lullaby. Too cute and fuzzy! Buy it online here.

Hasbro Pie Face Game ($14.88)

The year’s top selling game is sure to make everybody playing - and watching - howl with laughter. A well-placed pie has a tendency to do exactly that. Buy it online here.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess Palace ($38.88)

This majestic 4-foot long palace includes Princess Darla and five MagicPoint locations that emit sounds, lights and more. Light-up buttons throughout the palace help make playtime educational by introducing kids to words, colors, letters, numbers, magical melodies and sing-along songs. Buy it online here.

Hot Wheels Ai Intelligent Race System Starter Kit ($75.99)

Quite simply, this is the coolest Hot Wheels track ever. Smart cars your children can control reach scale speeds up to 180 mph. And they work off the track just as well. Buy it online here.

Snuggles - My Dream Puppy (starting at $78.00)

Interactive play is the popular choice this year, and this cuddly puppy is probably the most popular toy of the bunch. Who can resist those big adorable puppy dog eyes? Buy it online here.

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