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New Shipping Options: MyUS Lets You Control Your Shipments

Earlier this month, we introduced an array of features in the international shipping preferences section of your account that improve and greatly expand your shipping options. Here are some features of the new shipping options, along with a short description of what they mean for you.  

The new shipping preferences greatly increase your versatility when receiving packages from U.S. merchants. We now offer more shipping preferences than ever before, and you can set your preferences to apply to all shipments or modify them for individual shipments.
One particularly exciting new feature allows you to set a maximum shipping weight for the consolidated packages we ship to you. If you receive a lot of products, or submit a very large ship request, you can instruct to, when possible, limit the weight of the individual boxes we ship to you. Not only can this feature help save on international shipping costs, it can make it easier for you to carry the packages once they arrive in your country.

If you have a Basic Membership, you can now take advantage of our Urgent Shipping option. Both Premium and Basic members can now take advantage of lower prices for urgent ship requests.

So, what are the new options?

Here is a breakdown of the new features now available in the Shipping Preferences section of your account:
New Carrier Selection
You can now set your preferred shipping method and apply this method to all of your shipments. You can choose between DHL, FedEx and several others. You can even set your preferences to automatically choose between DHL and FedEx!

New Packing Options

In your Shipping Preferences, you can now choose to discard shoe boxes, add fragile stickers, add extra padding and even to ship your packages in the original boxes that the merchant used when sending to your suite. You can also set a maximum weight for your shipped boxes. 

We plan to introduce even more exciting shipping options soon, so be sure to check our blog, newsletters and e-zine for upcoming announcements!


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