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Halloween Masks for Easy Dress-up

Thinking about great Halloween costume ideas is a fun activity to do in the fall, but right now if you’re looking for the most innovative masks for this October 31, you’ve come to the right place. We tried to select premium, low-maintenance picks that have an impressive effect all on their own. Check out these creative items that will make trick-or-treat more memorable this year. 

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Plague doctor Mask $38.95+

Plague doctor Halloween mask

A plague doctor was a physician who treated victims of the bubonic plague during epidemics. The purpose of the mask was to keep away bad smells, known as miasma, which were thought to be the principal cause of the disease. During these times while we’re experiencing another epidemic, you can wear this beautiful piece over your fabric or filter mask for a realistic and ironic look! 

 “I'm so pleased with this amazing mask! I cannot believe it was so inexpensive, especially considering the quality! It's lightweight but sturdy, and the details in the 'beak' are just lovely. It actually feels comfortable to wear, and the goggles don't fog up when I breathe. I'd absolutely shop here again, the service was amazingly fast, and the mask was so well packed. Thank you so much!” exclaims Sara, satisfied with her purchase.

Medusa Headdress $24.99

A copper-colored Medusa Headdress for Halloween

Transform to one of the most famous women figures in the history of humanity. Medusa is a well-known character in Greek mythology who has snakes for hair and her gaze turned people into stone. This beautiful headpiece will help you reenact the terrific Gorgon with all her glory. 

A happy customer comments: “Perfect for my Halloween medusa costume, it’s perfect and isn’t too tight on my head, very comfortable to wear and I’d highly recommend it, it looks great for the price and it’s plastic but it looks EXACTLY like the picture on the website, I love it.”

Light-Up LED Marshmello Full Mask $49.99

A Marshmallow-shaped LED Full mask

Whether you’re a fan of Marshmello or not, this officially licensed light-up mask is a great option for this Halloween. Make your trick-or-treating experience unforgettable while you drop the beat.

 “Absolutely love this helmet!! I'm glad I got it while I did!! It's super fun to wear and easy to put on and off your head,” states McLovin.

Barn Owl Masks for Halloween $55.50

Handmade owl masks for Halloween

If you’re more of a handmade person, experience the ancient power of masks with these fantastic owl head masks. These masks don’t lose anything from their terrifying effect despite their simple design. 

“I really love this. I plan on buying more masks from this seller! I went to Theater Bizarre, and received many compliments on how creepy I looked and people loved the mask! I wish that I could post more pictures. Thanks again, I will be in touch with you for more masks!” remarks a customer nicknamed Inactive.

Child LEGO Movie 2 Emmet Kit $25.99

Yellow Emmet LEGO head mask with brown hair atop a child

Looking for a simple costume for your kid? This Emmet mask from The LEGO Movie 2 is perfect if they’re fans of LEGO and can’t stop singing the songs from the movies! The character mask also comes with a pair of LEGO hands so they can get fully into character.

This parent is super happy with the mask: “This is so great! I got it for my 3-year-old son and it fits just fine. He can see through it enough to get around safely. It's really cute on him because his head looks gigantic!”

LED Bluetooth Light Up Mask $78.99 - $85.99

LED Bluetooth light up mask for Halloween and its app for a smartphone

It was high time we see the influence of technology on Halloween masks. The LED Bluetooth Light-up Mask is a great example. With 45 dynamic display modes and 70 static display images, this light-up led mask can be programmed to show various images and static text. Simply connect it to your smartphone and display whatever you want.

“I remember a few years back, some DIY music festival-goers made their own led masks. It's quite surprising how far technology came and this mask was the result. The mask itself is a lot lighter than it looks, and there's plenty of breathing room between the mask and your face. This is good because if you intend to dance with this, sweat would be a concern, but this mask alleviated this particular problem. Battery seems to last over 3hrs so far. One nitpick is that the eye-hole is tiny. It makes the led mask look nicer but at the cost of visibility. So I anticipate having to readjust it if you're like me, dancing with it. It connects via bluetooth with some generic sounding china app ‘Shining Mask’,” comments Running Randy.

Shark Mask $20

Grey plush Shark Mask with wide open mouth featuring red mouth and white teeth

Lighten up the mood—or if you know it’ll be chilly where the party’s at—by wearing this Shark Mask! Its soft stuffed construction will keep you from actually injuring any friends at the party, while the wide opening will provide breathability.

“Getting used for a Batman vaudeville show .. I really like the great visibility through mouth mesh, which also does a great job obscuring your face without getting stifling,” says one happy customer.

MasqStudio Halloween Steampunk Gas Mask $22.53

A Steampunk Gas Mask for Halloween

Steampunk is probably one of the coolest Halloween themes and this Gas Mask is an impressive piece. With a quality resin base and hand-painted coloring, it’s a comfortable mask to wear for a longer period. It fits everyone who’s over 8 years old. 

H. G. says, “This is a well-made mask. The latex is thick, has great detail. The screening over the mouthpiece does not inhibit regular breathing. The eye screening is thin enough that I can see through well and I can still wear my glasses. I usually wear a small hat size, so this mask fits a little too loose. I may add a velcro strap for that reason. But, I expected that”.

Neva Nude Studded Face Mask Cover $24.99

Studded face mask cover

Since we’re already using face masks throughout the year, covering our face might not be as exciting as it used to be before. Therefore, we wanted to include a face mask option that is both Halloween and everyday appropriate. You can use it as a reminder of your inner evil as the four color options represent four of the seven deadly sins. You can also insert a filter for additional protection. 

“This mask is amazing! It fits great. It feels secure. It’s thick but not where you can’t breathe. It feels heavy when you hold it but once you put it on your face it’s a different feel. I absolutely love it!” exclaims Natalie Wilkie.

We hope that you enjoyed our small selection of the customer-favorite Halloween masks for this spooky season. Enjoy exploring them and many more from US stores with the convenience of MyUS.


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