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Hot Holiday Toys for 2012

If you’re shopping for kids online this holiday season, or even if you’re just shopping for yourself, here are a few of this year’s hottest toys and where you can find them (use the shipping charge estimator to see how much international shipping will be for each item):
  • Illuminor Mecha-Shark ($124.99): This huge, 18-inch radio-controlled shark plays sound effects and chomps its teeth as you use the remote control to make it “swim” around. At night, it glows and seems even more realistic.
  • Yfliker Y-volution F1 Scooter ($159.98): Scooters always make popular gifts, and this new model is much safer and easier to control than those of years past. Kids can stand on the scooter’s Y-frame with both feet and propel it by simply swaying their bodies. It’s fun transportation and good exercise!
  • The Orb ($49.99): This remote controlled flying orb is designed to look like real alien technology. Kids will love it because, even though it looks exotic, it really flies!
  • Hot Wheels R/C Terrain Twister ($69.99): Another remote controlled toy, this Terrain Twister features special rotor wheels that let it go almost anywhere. Since it can easily travel through grass, dirt, snow, pavement or even water, your kids can play with this toy no matter where you live.
  • LEGO Superheroes: The Batcave ($89.99): Kids love to build, and they love superheroes. This LEGO set combines both loves into a hot holiday toy that teaches patience and improves motor skills. This set is complex, so it is recommended for ages 7 to 14.
  • Furby ($54): Just like the original Furby toy from 14 years ago, this fuzzy electronic creature responds to voice, music and touch. The new Furby also interacts with an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone!
  • Monster High – High School Playset ($59.99): If your kids love Monster High, this playset will let them explore the halls of the unusual high school. The set features rooms that your kids will recognize, and it includes stickers that kids can use to transform the creepateria into a dance floor.
Do you have a favorite toy? What do your kids really want right now? Use the comments section below to tell us!


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