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Q&A With Customer Service: How do I Create a Ship Request?

By default, we have set your account to “Hold” packages. That means you can store packages in your suite when they arrive and consolidate them into a single international shipment when you’re ready to receive your merchandise.

Here is how to create a ship request and instruct us to send the packages in your suite:
  1. From your account select “Include” next to each package you wish to ship
  2. Click “Send My Packages” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Review your Shipping Address, Shipping Method and Shipping Options
  4. Click “Send Request”
We will send you a message, complete with tracking number, to confirm when your package is on the way to you.

The MyUS packing team is trained to handle customs requirements and consolidate and minimize the overall dimensional weight of your shipment when possible. Some items are fragile or can be easily damaged by the weight of other items, though, and our packing experts rely on their knowledge and experience to pack your items as securely and safely as possible. Additional protective packing material can result in higher dimensional weight and increase shipping costs.

Some shipping options available from your account, like “Discard Shoe Boxes,” can reduce the dimensional weight of your package and decrease your final shipping cost. Other options, like “Ship in Original Shipping Boxes,” may increase the size of the package we send to you, leading to higher shipping costs.

If you require additional services for your shipment, you may choose to send a message to the MyUS packing team for an additional cost of $8.50. To send a message, select “Special Handling Instructions” when completing your ship request.  


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