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Q&A With Customer Service: How do I Create a Ship Request?

At MyUS, we strive to make international shipping as simple and convenient as possible. By default, your account is set to "Hold" packages, allowing you to accumulate items in your suite until you're ready to receive them. When that time comes, creating a ship request is a breeze.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you seamlessly instruct us to send your packages:

Include Packages in Your Shipment:

Log in to your account and select "Include" next to each package you want to ship.

Efficiently manage your shipments by consolidating multiple items into a single international shipment.

Initiate Your Shipment:

Click "Send My Packages" at the bottom of your screen.
This action signals our team that you are ready for your merchandise to be dispatched.

Review and Confirm:

Carefully review your Shipping Address, Shipping Method, and Shipping Options.

Ensure accuracy before proceeding to the next step.

Send Your Request:

Click "Send Request" to finalize the process.

A confirmation message, complete with a tracking number, will notify you when your package is en route.

Our Packing Team is Ready to Work

Our packing team at MyUS is equipped with the expertise to handle customs requirements, ensuring a smooth shipping experience for you. While we aim to minimize dimensional weight, it's crucial to note that certain items may require additional protection, potentially impacting shipping costs.

Use customizable shipping options within your account, such as "Discard Shoe Boxes," to reduce dimensional weight and lower your overall shipping cost. Conversely, opting for "Ship in Original Shipping Boxes" may result in larger packages and increased shipping expenses.

The MyUS Packing Team offers special handling instructions for $8.50 for those seeking additional services. Select "Special Handling Instructions" when completing your ship request, and send us a message outlining your specific requirements.

Unlock Global Shopping with MyUS: Your Gateway to International Retail Therapy

At MyUS, we understand the excitement of international shopping and are dedicated to making it a seamless and rewarding experience for you. Here are some key benefits of utilizing MyUS for your global shopping needs:

Save Time and Money

MyUS offers consolidated shipping, reducing overall shipping costs by combining items from different retailers into one shipment. Our streamlined process ensures you get the most value for your shipping dollars.

Flexible Shipping Options

Tailor your shipping experience with MyUS by selecting the delivery speed that suits your needs. Choose from various shipping options, including express or budget-friendly choices, providing flexibility based on your urgency and budget.

Expert Packing

MyUS Packing Experts are trained to handle customs requirements and minimize dimensional weight while ensuring the safe delivery of your items.

Transparent Shipping Process

Stay informed with a tracking number provided upon dispatch, allowing you to track the status of your packages throughout their journey. Effortlessly monitor your packages as they make their way to your doorstep.

By choosing MyUS, you're not just getting a shipping service; you're gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing your global shopping journey. Join the MyUS community today and experience the ease and joy of international retail therapy like never before.

Elevate Your International Shopping Experience with MyUS

MyUS goes beyond being a mere shipping service – it's your partner in unlocking the full potential of international shopping. From cost savings through consolidated shipping to the flexibility of shipping options, expert packing, transparent tracking, global reach with local service, and additional customizable services, MyUS is committed to making your cross-border shopping journey seamless and rewarding.

Join the MyUS community today, and let us transform the complexities of international shipping into a simple, cost-effective, and enjoyable experience for you. Happy shopping!


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